9ja Police!

couldn’t stop laughing..
I was driving down the street at Alausa Rd, having just finished answering a call when a police man suddenly opened the passenger door, entered and jammed it. As usual he wanted “something” from me..
Then suddenly he saw the big Rothweiller dog-Jackie at the back-seat with tongue stuck out staring fiercely at him.
POLICEMAN: [Shaking] Ah! You carry dog?
ME: [I bone face] Yes i carry dog, dat one na offense?
POLICEMAN: [Feeling uncomfortable] Na where una dey come from?
ME: From hospital
POLICEMAN: Ehen! you sick?
ME: No, na person wey d dog bite we go greet
POLICEMAN: [Terribly shaken by now] Ehen! but why d dog dey shake head like dat?
ME: Na so im dey do if e wan bite person
POLICEMAN: and d dog know you?
ME: Yes nah, no be my dog?
POLICEMAN: [Sweating] This your door, how you dey open am?
ME: how you take enter?
POLICEMAN: Abeg! Na since i dey try open am but e no open[The dog was now getting impatient and gave a small grunt, it’s tongue almost touching the policeman’s left ear
POLICEMAN: [Now sliding forward] Oga i take God beg you, open the door for me make i comot, i no go collect anything from you
[I opened the door for him and he jumped out, the last thing i heard him say was
POLICEMAN: God punish you idiot, e no go ever better for you and your yeye dog, wicked man..



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10 Reasons D’Banj May Be The Best Nigerian Musician — Do You Agree With Me?

    1. 10 Good Reasons Dbanj May Be The Best Nigerian Musician

       1. Won Many Regional Awards

      One notable aspect about Dbanj is that he has managed to win quite a number of music nominations and awards within a short period of time. The achievements have been handed out by the local music chapter as well as from the continent in general. They include Nigeria Entertainment Awards, KORA, MOBO, Channel O Music awards, Fizz awards, and Ghana Music awards among many other awards.

       2. Nominations in Different Categories

      Another quality that makes Dbanj to be regarded as the best musician in Nigeria is his versatility in music. He is able to perform in different genres of music either through Pidgin English, English, as well as the local dialect, Yoruba.” This has made him nominated and win in various music categories such as Hip-Hop, R&B, best male artist, best video, new upcoming artist, pop, best collabo, listener’s choice, and many more categories.

      3. Won International Awards

      Dbanj is one of the most successful artist to have managed to break into the international limelight. Through his music, he changed how African music is viewed consequently influencing the growth in the Nigerian music industry. He has been nominated and taken home awards from BET, MTV, MTV Europe, World Music Awards, 4 Syte TV music awards, and much more.

       4. One of the Richest Musicians

      One aspect that comes with being a leading musician is being paid well for the performances. The sale of singles, albums, as well as endorsements also plays a role in creating wealth. Among the crop of the richest musicians in Nigeria as well as in Africa, Dbanj is without question among the top 3 in Nigeria and Top 5 in Africa.

      5. Signed With a Top Record Label

      One of the challenges that many Nigerian musicians face is getting signed to top music labels. However, Dbanj managed to break the barrier by being signed by the lucrative G.O.O.D Music Label which is owned by Kanye West. For a person to be signed by such a recording company, he must be among the “crème de la crème.”

       6. Chart Topping Songs

      Koko Master is revered for not only producing good music but also high quality videos. This has led to his music tracks receiving a lot of airplay. In order for a person to come to terms with how popular his music is, it only takes a walk through the streets of Nigeria and many parts of the Continent.

      7. Endorsement with Leading Brands

      Lucrative endorsements is also one of the 10 reasons Dbanj may be the best Nigerian musician. The musician will constantly be signed by top brands as part of their marketing campaigns or brand ambassador. He has given support to companies such as Globacom and Vodacom. He is also the first United Nations Youth ambassador for peace in Nigeria.

       8. Top Selling Albums

      Music singles and albums by Dbanj are always among the top selling in Nigeria and beyond. This is clear indication of his prowess when it comes to music. As a matter of fact, one of his songs “Oliver Twist” was quite successful globally. It made record sales as well as topped charts in the UK, US, Europe and also in Africa.

      9. Concert Performance

      As one of the best musicians in Nigeria, Dbanj always features as part of the invited guests in world class music concerts both in Nigeria and in the World. This has seen him perform alongside music greats such as Rita Ora, Kelly Rowland, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Wizkid, among others.

       10. Collaborations with Famous Artists

      Due to his prowess, Dbanj has done collaborations with a number of top musicians. They include Snoop Dogg (now Snoop Lion) in a remix of the album “Mr. Endowed”. He has also collaborated with Big Sean and Californian in a current track known as “Blame it on the money.”

      Apart from the above 10 reasons, the music artist is also regarded as a role model as well as mentor to many upcoming artists in not only Nigeria, but also the surrounding region. This in addition plays a crucial role in making him a top musician in Nigeria as well as beyond.

      Here is a list of awards won by D’Banj so far

      REVELATION OF THE YEAR – Hip Hop World Awards, 2006

      ARTISTE OF THE YEAR – Nigerian Music Awards, 2006

      UK ROLE MODEL AWARD – Delta State University Awards, 2006

      BEST NEW COMER – Channel O Music Awards, 2006

      SONG OF THE YEAR – Hip Hop World Awards, 2007

      ARTISTE OF THE YEAR – Global Excellence Awards, 2007

      ARTISTE OF THE YEAR – City People Awards, 2007

      AFRICAN ARTISTE OF THE YEAR – Ghana Music Awards, 2007

      BEST AFRO POP OF THE YEAR – Nigerian Music Awards US 2007

      HOTTEST SINGLE OF THE YEAR – Nigerian Music Awards US 2007

      BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS – Channel O Music Awards 2007

      BEST AFRICAN ACT – MTV Europe Music Awards 2007

      MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR – Future Awards 2008



      D’Banj was recently appointed Nigeria’s first UNITED NATIONS YOUTH AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE

      Without doubt, D’Banj is truly the KOKO MASTER. NO LONG THING!

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