O Nigeria the country where the son of a meat seller eats bone and the daughter of a cloth seller wears rags.

As I write this ‘ I wonder how the next generation will be able to cope with the way things are going in this country. To my readers, this might look ugly when you are reading this, the truth is just so bitter but has to be told.

Let’s start from the de-camping of our leaders from one party to the other, claiming the party they are coming from is corrupt. The question here is who make up the party, who corrupted the party they are coming from; did they pull off their corrupt uniform before joining the new party? We all know the answer to that, using the lives of the masses to play and inter-changing themselves from one post to the other. They are not giving the younger ones chances to show what they have to offer to the society, like they say ”the youth are the leaders of tomorrow” so called godfathers ruling the country. How can a man over 70 years of age still campaigning for a post, a very good example is Nelson Mandela of blessed memories.

  Lets talk about electricity, since 1999 that democracy as being put into practice there is nothing to show for it, they always give excuses from time to time.  Lack of electricity in the country as brought upon us a lot of disasters with examples unemployment and increase in crime rate.

    Boko Haram (BH) as become a real threat to the society killing innocent souls. I have taken my time to watch and observe what the problems are, the truth is just that our so called leaders know what to do, but prefer to fold their hands. We all know that the so called ”boko haram” get weapons which are even better than our soldiers weapons. The question here is, how did they get the weapons? How did it get into the country?  Since the weapons are been imported into the country then the port and boarder agents are not working, yet they keep deploying soldiers to protect the community. This is a common sense issue insisted of sending the soldiers to the community, the custom officers should be send there because if they are doing their job well then there will be no need for lost of lives of this soldiers. According to Fela Anikulapo Kuti of blessed memories, he said and I quote “Nigerians are Zombies, following orders and not using common sense.”

      Whenever my mind flashes back at the problems we are facing in this country, my heart beat increases because it seems there is no future for her. Lets be truthful to ourselves absolutely nothing is working in all sectors of this country, everybody is weak, sleeping and we folding our hands.

To be continued in the part…
Thanks for taking your precious time to read this article!

Written by Adewale Joseph Olabode
Founder/C.E.O @ LlcoolJ Entertainment World and SureHype

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