NMVA INSI’DO!? – King Joseph (the Strategist)


I really can not believe it that, in just less than few hours to go, Cally Ikpe & his Crew would ever think of postponing this most anticipated Awards!
What were they thinking of before now?
Do Nigerian Awards Organisers even consider the Fans/Followers @ all? What the heck is wrong with these people, thinking Nigerians are still Fools…do they think we don’t deserve to be respected or what?
After, most entertainment people (Lovers) must have fully been prepared for all the paparazzis and mamarazzis which was highly expected to hold today, some must have even cancelled some more important appointments vise-versa just to attend this one of the most recognised and first of its kind in Nigeria Annual Awards, only for the Organisers to come out yesterday morning telling us rubbish…What some disorganised set of people!


Nigerian Awards Organisers, Abeg, mey una try to dey try more…try to respect Nigerians (your followers/fans) more + get more knowledge on what you do, abeggii, so you can as well be more respected and taken for your words…

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