King Joseph


Keep on keeping on. Please, do not listen to anybody advising you against pipeline vandalization. Keep it up, right?. Deal with Buhari (Pharaoh), APC & northern hegemony. Destroy your land so that the people of Katsina can suffer. Before you detonate the next pipeline, think again. Ok?

The Ogoni land is getting cleaned up and soon commercial fishing will commence. Your friend in Enugu that is urging you to go on is going back to farm. For your unpaid information, Enugu will soon be one of the leading producers of banana & pineapple in the world in collaboration with a Mexican company.

Your friend in Lagos is urging you to go on destroying your land, but he is going to Kebbi to get farmlands for rice farming. Meanwhile they have also started drilling oil in Lagos, I hope you have heard or read about that wonderful news, u don hear am, abi? Good!.

Hold on o! Kebbi will soon feed the whole country and export… Tuta absoluta attack Kano, Jigawa and some northern states & you catch cold in your creek. Your brother in Edo will soon be supplying the whole country with tomatoes courtesy of Igbinedion University.
Are you thinking already?

Norway now wants to eliminate all cars using fossil fuel by 2025. The world is moving on my brothers and you are there destroying your own land. I doubt if you even have head and if you do, then you definitely not making good use of it, agreed!

You think you are sabotaging Buhari, but he is gradually settling down into government in case you are not aware. Boko Haram (the Foollest and Worst Failures and disgrace to the human race and the Islamic religion generally) has been largely decapitated & the world recognizes that.

Anti-corruption fight is progressing. About 3 trillion naira was announced recently to have been recovered & frozen loots. That’s money stolen by the love of your life (Fools). Money that could have been used to develop the Creek. Money that would have connected you with roads, bridges & other social amenities. They stole it and gave you weapons and ammunitions to go into the creeks. How many among the love of your life can spend a night with you or have they ever thought of according unto you such impossible and never-will-be honor for once?
Where are you right now?

I heard your beloved PDP has already zoned presidency to the north for 2019 election…*tongueout* The same north you so hate. The same north that is dominating you.
Can’t you see they are just deceiving you?
You are not their concern, not even for once. Their concern is the loots from the oil produced on your land. They have no plan to live there. How many refineries have they built for you with all the looting? They love you so much to keep you on 65k Naira per month, but cannot give you basic education to emancipate and independently empower you.

Let me ask you this: Are their children handling guns and sleeping in the Creeks with you?
Please, don’t drop your arms. Destroy the environment to get at Buhari. But when you are alone please read this over again, may be you would come back to your right senses.

Niger Delta Avengers Group

Niger Delta Avengers Group 2

Chevron Oil Tanker Set Ablaze by NDA Group

#OneNigeria #BuhariStillWorking #SupportTotalChange #UnitedWeStand #StopViolence #StopTheKillings #StopVandalization #OpenYourInnerSights #YouChaseMe #YouChaseWind #SoMuchBelieveInBuhariOsibajo

By: King Joseph (the Strategist)
Twitter/IG: @strategist_kj
Twitter/IG: @kingjoseph_1 / @kingjoseph_lew
Fb: Olabode Joseph (King Joseph)

Author: Success MEDIA Africa

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