The True God’s Own Country. – King Joseph

At times, I just wonder how some God’s well-created Creatures would be so ignorant, stubborn, disobedient, selfish,m violent and above all, blind! All worth but “nothing”…sighs…

Some set of people, group, religionist: (if it’s not in your dictionary, then add it as a new word, after all, we are in a creative era) the ones I call the ironical religionist…hypocrites! And to worsen it all, even some set of countries (Nigeria, my own country, not now; I’m still coming to you later, but, NOT NOW, huh!). My own country mata na series, ha khob?

Furthermore, could someone just please help me talk to and open the eyes (if that blind) of the following countries:
i. Syria
ii. Irag
iii. Yemen and
iv. Libya, to enable them swallow their shallow pride, put in back their cowardice weak wings into their self-emptied pockets; obey divine instruction(s) and stop disturbing their selves, wasting their precious time, which they ought to have spent (or be spending) on rebuilding their own countries, living in peace with one another and others (especially Israel) as that I also think is one of man’s purposes in life; thinking they’re trying to destroy Israel (the Israelites, refer to the Bible) by waging war against her!

Once again! Are they this blind? My God! Their ignorant actions is the worst mistake ever!

Oh! Let me quickly clear something here first, I sense some might already been thinking or even saying that I am a Religionist as well, with my belief in God’s prophecies). On a second thought, ignorantly (like so many still is) I was, but, not anymore one like them “Fools.” now, I only serve one Supreme being (God Almighty) and of cause, even as a new Free believer of God, I belief in Him and all His prophecies, my dear Readers.

On a lighter note, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lybia (who have all vowed not to allow Israel have peace), let me ask you these simple questions in my great Nation’s popular, easier and sweetest Pidgin language (Nigerian English) now:
i). Who among una nor know, neither get peace now between una and Israel, upon all una Foolish wahala?
ii). Una don grow reach dem, let alone pass dem?
iii). Shey una don get wetin una dey foolishly and blindly kill and destroying una own lands with una own hands for? Wetin I even dey ask, wetin una dey fight for sef in d first place…?
iv). Na like dis even una Youths fool reach, assuming sey some of una Elders nor deserve where dem dey (this affects all country)?
v). Shey una even dey think of una future generation(s) at all so, that’s if una own nor mean anything to una?

WAKE UP, Guys, make PEACE with this God’s own and highly favored and protected country (Israel) and others, you have issues with, now that e neva too late, so, una fit move on…!
Are you still that blind to see how peaceful, developing and beautiful Israel is? UNSHAKEN, agreed!

Read this poem to get your blinded eyes opened:
Confusion In Their Midst!

Togetherness means unity
But not for them
Them that destroy what it take to
Be happy

Togetherness means peace
Oh no not for them
Them that devour without a pity

Togetherness means happiness
Oh God not for them
Them that promote wars

Togetherness means joy
But no no no not for them
that don’t see equality in mankind

Togetherness means progress
But not for them that love manipulating
Manipulating all we are to earns so free

Togetherness means progress
I know is for sure not for them
Yes them called politicians

Togetherness means life
For sure not for them
Yes not for them
Them that openly take away the breath of another
Just to defend a god
They never see
I wonder if they are to defend a god
Or the god defending them

Togetherness means love
But not for them
Yes them that judge the world
Yes them that judge the hell out of us
Yet they are either not perfect
Behind there close doors
There real nature are darker

In all togetherness we lack
In the world now we try
But yet we fail
In this course to live Together
Few among many
In there gang and groups
Never need this togetherness
They use all possible effort
De valuing mankind to nothing
We now must fear them
Is like without them we can’t exist
They are in there hills
Manipulating all we know
I wonder what else I could say to God
So I pray oh God let
Confusion be in their midst

Simple Moral Lesson:
When you chose nothing good, but to disobey God’s instructions and resort to destroying your fellow man, you end up being “the Destroyed” if you don’t quickly desist from such resolution (self-inflicting destruction attribute.)

Reference to my Country, NIGERIA!
Sadly, I have to write on Nigeria this way; my own country that is filled with milk and honey (but, where are they?).
Nigeria that’s both humanly and naturally blessed with everything she needs to make her the “GREATEST” in Africa, to be well-respected by and reckoned with even by the world power houses!
My God! What have we allowed to happen to us, my fellow patriotic country men (Nigerians/Africans), our fore-fathers, and the ones that amazes me more are the Youths: the ones I think and still ask myself if we have any patriotic or responsible youth around at all, and if there are, then why have they chosen to be used as “Foolish” violence tools by some greedy and selfish (Nigerians) especially, because I’ve come to realization sey na we dey do ourselves pass, thereby creating some very good opportunities for the selfish-but-smarter Oyinbos “Whites” and unconsciously gave them reasons to see us finish sey we nor dey united (as written under our coat of arms), true and selfless love nor dey among us, dem kom think of penetrating, since wey dem don study us finish, to know our weaknesses as a Nation, even from afar! The Westerners needed no one else to tell them about how God has blessed us as a Nation, wey dem been think sey e pass their own. So, they thought!

Furthermore, they knew we are naturally endowed with lots of rare Goodies, especially what they call “Africa magic” (coming to this later in my next write-up “Sources That Made Us Shadows” Pt II of this piece; and in detail). They thought, they didn’t have such power and so they needed it for the usefulness and development of their country (forgetting the factual fact that we all were created by the same righteous “GOD” and with great potentials, agreed!) amidst others…and since we never realized, neither value nor made better use of our divine “GIFTS” for our own good and for the development of our own (Nigeria/Africa)”Land”, instead na for evil…abegii, I sey I go talk about this one later!

Down memory lane: what did they “the Westerners” resolve to? (I still nor fit bear am though.)
No one knew their evil thoughts, let alone their intentions to strike us down, using our ignorance, blindness, selfishness, greed, dis unity,unfaithfulness, and hatred for each and one another against us (our fore-fathers…and even still the bulk of of us in this new age; which makes me think if the hard lessons aren’t enough for us to learn from.
Alas! They strategically came down on us like a burning furnace. They took us down, they seized our treasures! All these atrocities they committed against us, our fruitful lands, our once a peaceful Land & Africa in general, they made us go through hell in our own land, all with just “JIGI” (mirror)! Haha very funny Isn’t it? But our forefathers allowed that big and huge mistake on their part which the youths of these days should find a way to correct for I believe they sure can, since most of them are already setting down great trends, like of all these celebrities around town (the good Ones with good and inspiring music though…we all know them.)

They allowed the Westerners to trick them with just “JIGI” in exchange for their birth rights (what greed and selfishness can cause), including ours and that of the future generation, all for nothing. What a pity…Nigeria, my country!
Africa, wake up! The time to get it back is now!!!

Poem that touches the Hearts:
A Better Nigeria (Africa) We Crave

A better Nigeria or no Nigeria;
No Nigeria, no better home for us
The Nigeria we deserve crave afar;
Afar our mind race for a better Nigeria.

A flowing river or no river at all;
No river at home we all will fall
Give us a better roof for our head;
Our head needs a better great lead.

We panic here like a missing child;
Child that listen not to his heartbeat
Our heartbeats race of future to be mild
Create us a better home from your beat.

Use our oil, or return our oil back;
Our oil must be used not to be bagged
Bagging our dreams is a holy sweet sin;
sweet holy sin commands revolt and ruin.

Someone must listen to us or we kill;
We must not listen to anyone with lies
Lies on their side are for fooling to fill;
Filling our soul to be broken at their wills.

A better Nigeria we crave to see now;
Now we wish to see our fatherland blossom.
Our resources can be a better source for us now;
Don’t keep all of them in your bosom.

Give us adequate Electricity or we give you fire of hell;
Hell fire is made in our creek of hell.
Repair our refineries or we refine you
You are the main cause of our union.

Look into our education or we educate you,
You have lost our pride with no permission
We must be educated to be civil with you;
In our land lies our dreams and mission.

A better Nigeria we crave to behold;
Don’t better yourself with Nigeria.
Nigeria is better if you make it your hood
Nigeria-hood can be birth from you.

Moreover, as if those mistakes our fore-fathers made against this land and what the “Westerners” stupidly stole from us weren’t enough, we still have some, as a fact, the bulk of our country men, mostly in high and powerful places and the Youths (the likes of BH, NDA etc) of this generation could still be thinking of betraying their patriotisms, destroying their own lands the more, fighting and causing chaos in the land and killing ourselves “again” especially the innocent blood.
When I’m thinking that at a time like this,we all should be thinking of nothing less than ways to restore back in place our stolen treasures, our heritage, our pride as a Great Nation and that once “Giant Of Africa” status…hmm!

Let us just imagine how this country would look like in few years time from now, if all of us could just come together with peaceful dialogue, think alike, at least for the first time (hope you get that point), support the “CHANGE” mission of this present government of PMB. I mean all hands on desk, irrespective of the tribe, ethnicity, ego and religion!
Yes! Even if things still look kind of shaky (inflation here and there) at the early stage of his (PMB) tenure, we can still make it worth the while!

However, remember that even Rome wasn’t built in a day! And of cause to renovate a collapsing building, one must (like it or not) be ready to take a very bold step (but the only best…) to demolish some parts of it, if not completely all. I think that’s the phase we all are in now…after all,we are the harbinger of our fates, so we should be ready to bear the pains together for better tomorrow.
Come to think of it, none of you is ignorant of how much and long this country has been sucked by those that I leave their judgment in God’s hands, the true “Judge”…*straightface*! Ok, so do not expect him (PMB) to perform magic, he’s not a Sorcerer! Like Merlin in that movie! Give him time!!!

In a nutshell, we should chose to embrace true “CHANGE” together, support the government as one Nigeria (not forgetting that we are practicing Democracy) we all are and still will always remain, no matter what some Fools still do. It is our sole rights to run this government and assist push this Nation forward to enable her regain her true, better and still-breathing rightful “GIANT OF AFRICA” status together, instead of all these rubbish we dey ignorantly do…all for nothing!

Sighs! Abegii, if I sey mey I dey write am the way I dey feel in the inside of my belle, enh, even una go wan gimme extra sheets *lol* and I mean willingly…
So, I just rest my angry but solution giver pen on my Naija matter for now.

Meanwhile, I neva go, enh. I still dey kom back on the mata as e still dey burn for my stomach, to further open una eyes to see clearly, remind us of some things *throwback* and make us see the main reasons why we need work on “Us” first, to fit allow us repair the damages and everybody go dey jolly muke for we land (just as the above poem cleared us)…”oro po gan-an ninu iwe kobo.” you want to know the meaning? Google can be of great help on that, I guess!

Lastly for now, when I come back in Part II of this piece, we shall both take closer look at the…
– – –
SOURCES THAT MADE US SHADOWS (by King Joseph & Seyi Blessing)

AUTHOR: King Joseph (the Strategist)
Founder / President @
King Joseph Success World:
#KJAcademy etc

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Twitter/IG: @Strategist_KJ
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