You Should Never Send These To Your Ex. – King Joseph

#5. Never Tell Him You Miss Him.

Girl, abegiii, you don’t miss him! He hurt you. He played you. He did something bad. There’s a reason you guys broke up. Don’t tell him that you miss him because you don’t! Once you tell him you miss him, his ego will rise and he’s going to think that you’re vulnerable and that he has you wrapped around his finger. He’s going to think that he is the coolest guy in the planet and he’s going to use that to his advantage. Most likely, he’ll tell you that he misses you too, but don’t fall for that! He may truly miss you (your pussy…ok, sorry, your body, if that’s how you like to hear it), but there’s a reason you guys broke and he might do the same thing again. Or he could be lying to you and he doesn’t really miss you. He probably just wants to make you believe that he does so that he can feel better about himself and probably enjoy his self under you again.

#4. Never Tell Him That You Love Him.

Oh! Still on the ego matter! Don’t let his rise. The bulk of guys I know are prideiful and if they think that you feel a strong emotion for them, they are going to use it to their advantage. They will make you believe that they feel the same way when in reality, they probably don’t (they only put up to feel your pant again.) You know, if he says he still loves you, he probably doesn’t. He’s probably just saying that to physically use you and mentally hurt you one more time. You don’t deserve his crap! Don’t fall for it again my dear.

#3. Don’t Ever Ask Him To Hang Out

Girl, you guys are broken up. There’s no need to hang out anymore. For one, it could be really awkward. It’s going to be weird being with him and not calling him Babe or any of the nicknames that you would give him. It’s going to be weird not holding his hand. It’s going to be weird not being able to kiss him or hug him the same way you used to. Trust me, that’s going to hurt you inside. Oh, that reminds me, also, the night might not end the way you expect to. He might take advantage of you and use you physically (I hope you get this clearly…) and then you guys could go back to being strangers again. Is that what you want? No. You don’t want to be used then forgotten.

#2. Don’t Ever Apologize To Him

Why the apology? You don’t need to, my dear, unless you were the one that cheated or something, you have no reason to be sorry. If he cheated on you, don’t be sorry that he cheated on you. If he hurt you, don’t be sorry for being hurt. Whatever you do, do not apologize to him. He is the one at fault, not you, so why are you apologizing?! When you apologize, it’s going to be obvious to him that you were thinking about him. And while you were thinking about him, he probably wasn’t even giving one thought about you. Some people usually apologize to start a conversation Girl, I know you miss him and all, but try your best not to talk to him. The best way to move on is to ignore him or leave him alone!

#1. Don’t Send Mean Texts

Don’t ever text him saying that you regret being with him. Don’t ever text him in anger. I don’t know what it is with us (guys), but literally everything you say to them makes their ego rise. If they know that they have angered you, they find some pleasure in that and I have no clue why. We always want to feel superior. And feel superior when we can affect your emotions that much. You just have to pretend that you don’t care. You have to pretend that he is unaffecting you, even if he is! I know it’s a lot to ask for when I say to pretend to not care about him, but that’s the best way to make a guy angry. Wear him down. Make him think that what he does, doesn’t bother you at all.
MOVE ON WITH A BETTER LIFE, instead of being MEAN to him or feeling bad about the break-up, it simply means you still dwelling in the past and this is of higher percentage going to affect your general life.


Author: Success MEDIA Africa

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