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I have subscribed to virtually all the Network Providers in Nigeria, but, believe me, none has served it’s Subscriber as much as this Network Provider @globacommlimited.
Hence, one of the many reasons I am in love with and would always appreciate, celebrate and pray for Dr Mike Adenuga, not because he’s a Nigerian alone, but because he’s proven to be a patriotic One with his people at heart, despite being a Business Man.

Dr Mike Adenuga has indeed shown his self to be a true Son of this country and an African with the only mission to BETTER LIVES (Nigerians/Africans) and CELEBRATE with even “MORE” REWARD for THEM still.

He’s distinguished his self from these kinds of rich men and self-Leaders that fill up the highest SPACES in this country and africa at large…
I want you to know, Sir, that you have fulfilled so many peoples’ dreams with this your own dream “GLOWORLD”, not only with the lots of benefits we the Subscribers get from the network. But, with your non-stop immense contribution to the development of this Great Nation through your unequal supports to Nigerian Music Industry (and Africa at large), Nollywood, the Oil Sector, not to talk of our Football and Sport Sector generally.

God bless you more, Sir.

Just imagine, I had to be paying for monthly subscription with my former network provider on my an Android mobile 2ce daily for days in a roll that I was forced to remove the SIM (with which to me I think it’s one of their ways to extort us “Nigerians”), and I angrily broke it into pieces, I went in feeling frustrated; that was after several calls to their Customer Care Agents (on phone calls and in Offices) with no corrective solutions.

At last! The thought of this network of “alarubarika” after a deep thought of a better SIM to buy came to me, so, I hurriedly went outside again to buy GLO SIM card, registered and activated…sighs, what a great relieve!

Now, I don’t even use Spectranet anymore, to connect to my online WORLD; with just #3000.00 I am good to browse the globe and work round-the-clock with unusual rest of mind 💃💃💃💃!

Moreover, not to talk of the huge airtime bonus (to call any network) I get for every recharge which none of them can give, tahhh! If I hear sey dem fit do am like GLO Network. You won’t believe that, I now talk like the President Son, especially when I’m on a call with “Ekah Joseph” (Iya Joseph) my Mum and my “Ayanfe.”

Now, I can say I rule my world with GLO WORLD!

So, wetin you still dey wait for, my brodas and sistas? Abegiii, sharpaly go get your own Glo SIM today, make you too for start dey jolificate with me and the rest reasonable Subscribers, especially if you know sey you be typical omo Nija.

GLOBAL COMMUNICATION LIMITED @globacommlimited na d confam from we own, by we own and for we own and the world!



Adenuga means different things to different people; he is a Husband, Father, team Leader, role Model, Destinies Helpers, an Entrepreneur, etc.

Dr Mike Adenuga Jr was given birth to by Juliana Oyindamola Adenuga (Nee Onashile of Okesopin, Ijebu Igbo) is a business woman of royal Ijebu descent.on April 29, 1953 is the Nigerian Chairman Chief Executice Officer of Globacom. He is considered the richest man in Oyo State.
Oloye Adenuga, a school Teacher, his father

Adenuga ascend to wealth and associated popularity is an interesting story. His resolve to succeed despite all odds started when, while in United states of america, he worked as a taxi cab driver and security guard to support himself at university.

Mike Adenuga was born on April 29, 1953, Michael Adeniyi Isola Adenuga got his secondary school education at the Ibadan Grammar School, Ibadan, Oyo State, before proceeding to the North-Western University in Oklahoma and Pace University, New York, both in the usa where he studied business administration.

At age 26, Adenuga became a millionaire with connections in high places. With his unique flair for risks and absolute tenacity of purpose, quickly he started making profits in billions of dollars. He is the owner Equitorial Trust Bank and Consolidated Oil, which performs crude oil drilling, refining along with marketing.

His 1st shot into the consciousness of Nigerians was when his company, Consolidated Oil became the first indigenous company to strike crude in December 1991. He lately venture into the telecommunications market. With his Communications Investment Limited, CIL, he was issued a conditional licence in 1999 and frequencies to operate the Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM). The licence was later revoked. Once again, when in 2002, the government through the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), organised new auction for the GSM licence, the CIL participated and was one of the four that won the bid. He paid the $20 million mandatory deposit.

However, in the process of effecting the release of the balance payment of $265 million, the corporation was adjudged to have failed to pay within stipulated time. CIL lost both the licence and $20 million deposit. He later went on to bid for the Second National Operator (SNO) licence, and deposited another $20 million. This time around, he was lucky.

He won the bid in August 2002 through his Globacom Limited. The SNO has a wider range of operations as Globacom has the right to operate as a national carrier, operate digital mobile lines, serve as international gateway for telecommunications in the country and operate fixed wireless access phones.
Adenuga’s estate business and company shares traverse several countries in Western European countries, North America and the Middle-East.

Dr Michael Adeniyi Isola Adenuga

So, I say, Dr Mike Adenuga, THANK and God bless YOU, SIR!
GLOWORLD, Thank You and continue Ruling!!
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South-West Most Popular Comedian Dr Smile Turns Professional Actor.

It is no more news to all comedy lovers, in Nigeria, especially in the South-western part of the country, that, Dr Smile has gained the heart of many with his humility, and unusual way of cracking ribs, which can make even the world’s richest man unconsciously roll on the floor, thereby making him the most popular and lovable Comedian in the region.

Hardly would you come across any major event online this days, without his presence on the artwork.

However, to further penetrate his fans more and take his already blossoming career to the next level, Dr Smile has decided to add acting to his professional list, with his new role in a new movie titled “Owo Mi” (my money) produced by Mr Latin and directed by Odunlade Adekola.

In an interview with SMA’s Founder, King Joseph this morning, one of the most humble Comedian of our time also confirmed this. In his some of his own words:

“Acting has always been one of my long-discovered potentials, but, because there has been no enough time to go into it and because I don’t want to go into it to play a gate man role, moreover, I want to be recognized as a brand and not as Waka pass.”

When asked if he now has the time to take it as a profession or just want to do it for fun, here is his simple but straight response:

“I am going into it full time now, to show the world the other side of me, it is time to show the world my acting skill.”

If you still doubt this, then confirm from his post, with photo of him and Odunlade Adekola on set, via his instagram post below:

From @drsmilecomedian: The other side of Drsmile. On set with @odunomoadekola @mondayabiose thanks @mrlatin1510 for this.

See more of his photos below:

Guys, Be Advised: Your P*nis Will Not Function Properly If You Don’t Have Enough of This Vitamin

A new research has shown that the p*nis will not function properly without the presence of a particular vitamin in the body.

Improve your p*nis performance and sexual stamina with one supplement.
Not being able to get it up is a common problem, but it means you could be suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).
We all know that popping a little blue pill works as an antidote for a floppy penis but you might actually be lacking a natural erection-boosting nutrient.
Lads with low levels of the sunshine are more likely to have penis performance issues, as getting more vitamin D can boosts your erection and performance between the sheets. 
ED affects half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70, but researchers from the University of Milan in Italy found that having a vitamin D deficiency can increase your risk of erection issues.
The team tested 143 erectile dysfunction sufferers and discovered nearly half of them had low levels of the sunshine vitamin and only a fifth had optimal levels.
Men with the most extreme cases of ED had 24% less vitamin D than lads with mild erection problems.
But this wasn’t the only study to notice a link between trouble getting it up and the natural nutrient.
Scientists at Johns Hopkins University studied 3,400 healthy Americans and those who had a vitamin D deficiency were nearly a third more likely to have issues with getting hard.
Study author Dr. Erin Michos said: “Vitamin D deficiency is easy to screen for and simple to correct with lifestyle changes that include exercise, dietary changes, vitamin supplementation and modest sunlight exposure.

“Checking vitamin D levels may turn out to be a useful tool to gauge ED risk. The most relevant clinical question then becomes whether correcting the deficiency could reduce risk and help restore erectile dysfunction.”
If boosting your erection wasn’t reason enough to stock up on vitamin D, health officials advised today that everyone should be swallowing the supplements in autumn and winter.
You can get a little bit of vitamin D from foods like oily fish, eggs and cereals but for most people the bulk of their vitamin D comes from sunlight.
But since it’s dark towards the end of the year, scientists have now suggested everyone over the age of one should be getting 10 micrograms of vitamin D every day to protect bone and muscle health.
Dr Louis Levy told BBC Radio 4: “Previously we felt that everybody would get enough from the sunlight.

“This is a change in advice, previously we have said that babies from six months to five years should have a supplement and only those people at risk of deficiency should take a supplement.

“This is new advice based on evidence looked at over the last five years.”
But why do men need this vitamin for good penis function? 
It’s because vitamin D plays a role in improving endothelial cell function and forming nitric oxide, a molecule that helps blood vessels function properly.
Nitric oxide allows blood vessels in the p*nis to relax which increases blood flow and causes an erection, so if there’s not enough it means getting stiff becomes a problem.
The blood vessels in your penis are very small, only one or two millimetres in diameter, so they can also easily get blocked by plaque caused by factors like a poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, age or genetics.
Although it might be embarrassing you shouldn’t ignore penis problems because ED is typically linked to larger health problems.
Being unable to get hard is often a sign that your heart isn’t very healthy because poor cardiovascular health is the most common cause of ED.
Sometimes it’s also a symptom of health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. It can affect anyone, either as a one-off or reoccurring problem.
The penis issue, which can be psychological or physical, can also be linked with fatigue, stress, anxiety or depression.
Speaking exclusively to, Dr Pixie McKenna, Superdrug’s Health and Wellbeing ambassador, said: “Research has suggested that men who have low levels of Vitamin D are more likely to suffer from impotence.

“It is important to stress that this is an association and does not imply every man with ED is vitamin D deficient or vice versa. 

“Supplementing Vitamin D may have much greater impact beyond the bedroom as emerging evidence suggests it has a protective role in everything from cancer to multiple sclerosis. So the sunshine vitamin is not just one for the boys.

“Diet alone won’t give you enough vitamin D so your resources need to be topped up through safe sun exposure or supplements.”
The celebrity GP added: “Your ED could be a symptom of an underlying medical issue that is yet to be diagnosed.

“If you already have a diagnosis of heart disease or diabetes make sure it is being optimally managed.

“If you haven’t had a health check for a while then book in for a screen. They are free through the NHS to the over 40s.”

CBN Endorses SSS’ Raid on Currency Traders

The apex bank in Nigeria has backed the raids by the men of the Secret Service on actors of the parallel market.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Tuesday endorsed the crackdown on parallel market forex traders by the officials of the Department of State Services (SSS) across the country.

The CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, disclosed this while addressing journalists at the end of its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting in Abuja.

According to Mr. Emefiele, the foreign exchange regulation in the country forbids trafficking in currency. He said that the SSS had the right to enforce the law and make sure that currency hawkers were forced out of the “illegal trade.’’

The governor, who said it was demeaning for traders to hawk currency on the streets, urged the traders to legitimise their business by applying for Bureau De Change (BDC) licence.

Officials of the SSS raided the parallel markets in Lagos, Abuja and Onitsha last week over alleged arbitrary sale of forex. The raid, which worsened dollar scarcity at its wake, forced the naira to settle at N465 to a dollar.

Earlier, members of the MPC unanimously voted in favour of retaining the Monetary Policy Ratio (MPR) at 14 per cent, Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) at 22.5 percent and the liquidity ratio at 30 per cent.

The governor said that the members of the committee took the decision after a critical assessment of the risks to the economy.

BREAKING:Toyin Aimakhu Ex-Lover,Seun Egbegbe Caught with 9 stolen I phones in Computer Village [Photos]

Nollywood Controversial actress, Toyin Aimakhus ex-lover, Seun Egbegbe, was this morning beaten to pulp by angry mob after he was caught with stolen brand new apple iPhones in computer village, Lagos, Gist Tv is reporting exclusively.
According to i-reporter, Egbegbe came inside Computer village with some guys in a jeep around 10:30am pretending that he wanted to buy 7 iPhone 6s and 2 iPhone 7 mobile phones. 

Gist Tv Media gathered that, Egbegbe, went into the phone store Kaalcech Innovations and Consultancy located on number 9 medical road, computer village, ikeja and requested for nine iPhones, he pretended to be ready for payment after the phones were delivered to him only for him to elope into the waiting jeep before the the sales girl screamed for help. 

The noise which attracted sympathizers, helped as they gave Egbegbe a hot chase and eventually caught up with him before he could find his way out of computer village.
The angry mob pounced on him and gave him the beating of his life before the stores MD, Mr Kolawole Aleshinloye quickly informed the police who came and whisked him away to Area F Police station where hes currently been detained.​​

King Joseph Bares His Mind On Donald Trump And His Decision In Quotes &…

King Joseph Bares His Mind On Donald Trump And His Decision In Quotes &…

Mr Adewale Joseph Olabode, otherwise known as king Joseph in the media and Nigeria Entertainment Industry on the night of 20th November, 2016 on his media platform’s twitter handle bore his mind on the United States of America’s President-elect, Donald J. Trump’s unorthodox political styles he showcased throughout the presidential campaign and often denigrated his main opponent as well as TV Hosts (the media), disabled people, Musilims, Mexicans and his decision on Immigrants.

King Joseph

The Founder/Chief Publicity Strategist at Success MEDIA Africa (a division of King Joseph Success World), who’s also a uprising Writer, Director of Production, Talents Manager, Content Provider, Project Manager, Orator, Human Rights Activist, amongst others also talks about the benefits Nigeria as a Nation stands to gain from Donald J. Trump’s decision to send Nigerians in the US back home.

In some of his tweets tonight, he lauded and analyzed Trump’s courage and his real self and lifestyles he displayed during and after the presidential campaign.

Some of the tweets (partially edited) below:

 “All of Donald Trump’s unorthodox political styles et al, which he showcased during the presidential campaign mean that he doesn’t want to play politics the usual way. I guess.” – King Joseph

“As far as I am concerned, Donald Trump seem to be too real for Hypocrites and selfish and corrupt politicians. Fact!” – King Joseph

“Donald Trump, I shall really love, appreciate you and respect your personality more if you truly would carry out your decision of sending them back home.” – King Joseph

“Donald Trump and I pray God grant you that courage to do the rightful. Send them back home, but please, safe them from deportation 😂😂

Nigeria needs to be fully developed. We’ve got it! We’re divinely blessed with both human and natural resources, so WTF?

King Joseph during an online interview tonight after the tweets, has this to say:

“Let them all go back home and contribute to the growth and development of their own country/continent (Nigeria/Africa) as well. Enough is enough! Sebi won nii, ile l’abo simi oko, dem wan die for foreign lands?

I want to strongly believe that, Donald Trump’s emergence as the President-elect of the United States of America is not a coincidence. And one of the reasons is to ignorantly help us as Nigerians/Africans renovate our houses, amongst other decisions that he’ll unconsciously be helping us with if we reason well as One Nation and people greatly blessed with divine intelligence, wisdom and understanding.

However, it has been revealed that, before and during the presidential campaign, king Joseph has been a close follower of Donald Trump on social media, especially facebook, twitter and instagram and has been keeping a close tab on him, but has decided to wait in expectation of him winning the election before picking up his online pen.


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Author: King Joseph
Founder/Chief Publicity Strategist Success MEDIA Africa
(a division of King Joseph Success World).
Edited By: Samuel Ayo Okoloba

Preface: sources that made us shadow literally. How the Blacks sold their birth rights.

Years of the old, Gone to those days, Africans have been blessed thoroughly with myths, legends and black magic.`

Reference: SANGO Sango, used to be a warlord, he was a legend agreed, but he lost his pride to this latter wives. Much ado with nothing.

Sango married these two wives matrimonially and later married ‘Oya’ the uttermost illegally, like how? Sango’s legally wives named Obi & Orogbo, that were their names,

A warlord It is so much worthy talking and even to the extreme of soliloquy. Sango taught he countenanced, but the fault is he fell like an elephant troubled with an ant, the ant is the wives he married,

Sango was a hero and he had chamberlains; meaning he was a King, and then to be a king not now, Sango’s brother ought to be on the throne still, people saw Sango to be an activist and then said warlord…

Sango went to the market on the set market day and he saw a lady not just a woman because the lady was yet to get married quote: A powerful Human-like-an-animalistic being. OYA!

Likes of Sango exist still; Sango was one of the gods, so I will say “we” beings are gods but not the “GOD” Agreed.

OYA: Very beautiful, gorgeous blonde, that made Sango the warlord and a king made the choice then, but much ado without nothing.

OYA: Possessed! Animalistic Human being.
Sango fell victim by leaving in shadows, he saw it coming.

‘The story starts’ He left his chamberlains for tracing Oya’s ‘Shadows, all shadows.

Sango made it happened by getting her hooked, he walked long miles tracing OYA; OYA knew someone was tracing her Shadows, “she knew”.

OYA: Lives in the cliffs’ waterfalls Sango slept there all nights wanting to have OYA, later on’ He saw Oya coming out from the cliff hole Animalistic and still he waited, and all for shadow tracing… TO BE CONTINUED…!

NOTE: Religion, Tribalism, Racism amongst others to be discussed in Part 2of this piece – how the whites (slave masters) robbed from us (Africans) in exchange for just barbaric religions ethics and doctrines with the aim to cause more division, disunity, violence, unrest among other evil and tricky ones between the Blacks, even with just “Jigi” (Mirror). All ‘shadow.’

What a Foolish trick “We” greedily and selfishly fell for! I pray God forgives them for this crime they committed against lives. It is time to reclaim what’s rightfully ours!


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