‘Still On Acme Matter; Gov. Ambode Has Forgotten His Source.’ – Primate Charles Odugbesi, JP. Former State Secretary, AC., ACN. APC.


Lately, a ripple has been created on social media over an underground lamentations by the state party, APC faithfuls claiming the Governor Akinwunmi Ambode-led Administration has abandoned them and the party ‘his Producer’ even to hunger, as against the good foundation and legacies laid down by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN), Primate Charles Odugbesi, JP. Former State Secretary, AC, ACN, APC, through his Facebook account yesterday has decided to help the party faithfuls regain their rights back from the State Governor by breaking the silence. In his ‘second’ post titled; ‘STILL ON ACME MATTER’. Read below:

I am very shocked at the volume of calls that I have received on my write-up on the situation at Acme, the state headquarters of All Progressives Congress, APC. Let me state here at this juncture that I did not write the article to play to the gallery or to confront or bring down anybody. The truth must be told and I think I am in the position to know the difference between the past administrations and the present one when it comes to party affairs and welfare, at least I administered the Party as Secretary for two terms. .
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who started this system knew that he could not reach every party member by sharing money to them, So with food materials distributed only four times a year, he has been able to reach them convincingly. You have to get to people’s hearts before you can ask for their hands. The periods of Xmas, Fasting of Muslims and Christians and Ileya festivals were the best time for Party faithfuls.. A ram and a bag of rice for each ward. I am talking about a ward of more than 1000 members and yet people were very happy for the gesture. Sometime a member may not eat more than a small portion of meat but the fact that their leader put them in mind was their happiness. If anybody thinks that Asiwaju is using juju for people to love him, it is his act of live and let live that made people who have not even met him face to face want to die for him.

Somebody told me on the phone that rams and rice are given to the wards through the ministries. I nearly collapsed. Is the ministry the Party. We are advocating the supremacy of the party and you are relegating that party. I wish the Governor had visited Acme in those good old days when Party chairmen and their people were coming to collect the yuletide items, he would not have changed that system. Those were the times that those who were not party members usually turned to be members. If you do not allow the Party to take of their people how do you want the people to know that Party is supreme. Whoever pays the piper dictates the tune. If the idea is to control the Party outside the Party secretariat, the resultant effect will not be good. Somebody will get hurt from that action.

Party members out there are not very happy and I want the Governor to do something fast to uplift the present status of the Party and that is for his own good. If he constructs express roads in the sky it is only when he wins the primary that the general public he is trying please now will have the opportunity of voting for him. And if he thinks when that time comes he will use money, he should know that party members are wiser now. They will collect the money and consider it their rights and do their wish. Our state leaders who suppose to tell him the right thing are less concerned. Why? They are taken care off and even if he loses the primary it would not affect them because it would not take them any stress to cooperate with the new winner, afterall it is the Party they are working for.

Those who are going round at this time campaigning for his second term should watch peoples’ countenances and give honest report back to His Excellency. IGBORO KO RERIN O. He is doing fantastically well for the state but should not forget his SOURCE. If he sows positively to the Party, the harvest is his. I don talk my own. Call me names if you like but one thing I am sure of is that whatever we do today becomes history tomorrow.

Primate Charles Odugbesi, JP.
Former State Secretary, AC., ACN., APC.


North East: You talk from both sides of your mouth – Junaid tells Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi

Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, has described the Emir of Kano, Mohammed Sanusi as a man who speaks from both sides of his mouth.

Junaid Mohammed

The former Minister made the remark while reacting to Sanusi’s appeal to Northern State Governors to convert mosques into primary schools in the North East. 

Sanusi, while speaking at the graduation ceremony of Post Graduate Diploma and Nigerian certificate in Education in Kano, had advocated for the conversion of mosques into schools.

He noted that the conversion of mosques to schools will boost education in the region.

Condemning the remark of the former Central Bank, CBN, in a statement, he said such comment was mischievous and should not be dignified

According to Mohammed, “Ordinarily, I won’t dignify the statement credited to the Emir with any response because the Emir talks from both sides of his mouth.”

Although he agreed with Sanusi that the number of mosque in the North East surpasses educational institutions, former lawmaker, however, advocated for the building of more schools rather than converting the existing mosques.

“Though, I agree that there are too many mosques all around and more functional schools need to be built, I don’t think converting a mosque or church to school is what will solve the problem.

“I believe the issue of million beggars on streets in the North is what should have formed the basis of discussion and not the issue of converting mosques to schools,” Mohammed said.

If you look at our educational needs viz a viz the infrastructure deficit, it has become imperative to convert existing mosques to primary schools, and aside cost reduction in this era of recession, it would accelerate education development in the region,” Sanusi had opined.

“Buhari Told Me He Needed Strong Vice President In Case He Dies.” – Pastor Tunde Bakare

The founder of The Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari asked him to be his running mate in 2011 because he wanted a Vice President who could hold the nation together in the event of his death while in power.

Pastor Tunde Bakare

Bakare made the disclosure in a message to his congregation at the church headquarters in Ogba, Lagos State.

Buhari had contested the 2011 Presidential election with Bakare as his running mate, on the platform of the then Congress for Progressives Change, CPC.

The former Presidential running mate revealed that all that transpired during that period had been documented in his book: ‘Strategic Intervention in Governance.’

According to Bakare,“After I was called and I went to Abuja, and I sat with Mr President or General Buhari then, I said why me? ‘I’m not a politician’, ‘I do not belong to any political party’, ‘I am not carrying card of any party, why me’?

“He gave me all the reasons, they are written in the book; Strategic Intervention in Governance. He gave three reasons, but the one that made everyone around me that day to dove their hats was when he said: I am not as young as you think, and even Yar’Adua that is younger is dead.

“In case I die, I know you can hold the nation together. That was when Jim (he didn’t give his surname) removed his cap and said egbon, you must agree.”

Speaking further, the clergyman said he sat with Buhari and asked, “Sir, I need to understand something before I do anything. Every running mate of yours, including the one that was even your deputy in the military, is dead.

“Ume-Ezeoke is dead, Okadigbo is dead, Idiagbon is dead, I am not about to die?”

He quoted the President as saying, “Pastor, you must be very funny, I have never even thought about it.

“I knew he had nothing to do with their deaths, but that man carries a dimension of grace that if you deal with him, and betray him, you pay with your life.

“So I said to him, hear me now, ‘I will never betray you, I leave it to you to betray me if you wish to do so’… I’m not kidding you, you don’t know what transpired, for you, it was just campaign.

“Loyalty is a two-way traffic, if you cannot do that with God, forget, you cannot do it with men, you’d betray the cause, somewhere along the line, when things get tough, when they are not as easy as you expect them to be.

“God builds your confidence if you heed to his agreement.”


Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, Oluowo of Iwo

DECEMBER 21, 2016.

It is reliably gathered that, an Osun State Chief Magistrate Court has issued a warrant of arrest against a first class traditional ruler in the state, the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi after he failed to show up in court to defend allegations against him.

The arrest warrant is coming days after Chief Magistrate, Olusola Aluko, threatened at the last sitting of the court that if Oba Akanbi failed to appear before him in compliance with the order of the court on November 25, in a case filed against him by the Oluwo of Iwo-Oke, Oba Kadiri Adeoye, he would have no option but to issue a bench warrant for his arrest.

At Tuesday’s sitting, while the applicant, Oba Adeoye, was in court, the Oluwo of Iwo was conspicuously absent, a situation that drew the rage of Magistrate Aluko.

He had at the last sitting sent another monarch, Ologburo of Ogburo, Oba Asimiyu Sadiq, to represent him.

Counsel to the Oluwo of Iwo-Oke, Mr Soji Oyetayo, in his submission urged the court not to entertain any of the applications filed by the respondent until he complies with the order of the court.

He said: “The first respondent (Oba Akanbi) filed an application of stay of proceeding yesterday afternoon, so, I am of the opinion that he is not ready to move any application today.

“Meanwhile, the court made an order on 25 November, 2016 and up till now the order has not been complied with. The application asking for a stay of proceeding cannot stay the order already made.

“The order of the court is meant to be obeyed. The non-appearance of the first respondent in this matter is a flagrant disobedient of the order of the court”.

Counsel to Oba Akanbi, Mr Olayide Yekeen, explained that his client submitted the notice of preliminary objection, challenging the jurisdiction of the court to hear the case on November 15 and that by careful perusal of the State Magistrate Law, Section 19:1, the court could not entertain the matter.

According to him, “it is the threshold of all cases that whenever the issue of jurisdiction is raised, it is to be taken first. On the issue of jurisdiction and the competence of the case, the respondent has the right to be heard first before any enquiry can be made in the matter”.

In his ruling, Magistrate Aluko stated that he agreed with the respondent’s counsel that the issue of jurisdiction must be treated first.

“On the order of the court made on November 25, 2016, the order remained. I hereby issue a bench warrant against the first respondent while further proceeding on the matter is adjourned to December 27, 2016,” he told the court.

Making Money Through “Yahoo Yahoo”

Oba Adeoye had approached the Magistrate Court accusing the Oluwo of Iwo of concealing some facts about his past to the state government when he was installed as a first class monarch about a year ago.

Oluwo-Oke in a 33-paragraph affidavit said Oba Akanbi’s character did not befit a person of his status and calibre as he was used to carrying armed thugs, miscreants and hoodlums around to harass, intimidate, molest and attack persons whom he perceived as his enemies.

He further alleged that Oba Akanbi forged his name to obtain travelling documents to the United States where he was jailed in New York City and deported to Nigeria in year 2000.

He added that Oba Akanbi later travelled out with his real name to Canada in 2001 and became a Canadian citizen but was also arrested in Toronto and was in jail between 2006 and 2007.

“These facts were concealed for the state government which appointed and installed him as the Oluwo of Iwo,” the suit read.

He also accused him of presently making money through the internet fraud otherwise known as “Yahoo Yahoo” and was using his palace as a cover-up.

But Oba Akanbi reacted to these allegations in a 13 paragraph affidavits through the Aremo of Iwo land, Mr Adelani Akanbi, describing the application filed against the Oluwo of Iwo by Oba Adeoye as “scandalous, vexations and designed to embarrass, blackmail and ridicule the monarch in the view of right thinking members of the society”.



Present: CEOs HANGOUT 2016 (Season 2)

Official Artwork



” CEOS HANGOUT Season 2 like the maiden edition, according to the MD/President of “The Marketplace Nigeria and Warri Business Community: “this project is set up to make it easier getting financial sponsorship, support for projects for good ideas which has been a very difficult thing in this Delta State as a whole, hence making it even more tasking growing the south-south state’s local businesses like other states do, and this was connected to the fact that past administrations, multinationals will tell you that they have tried and were melted with hostility, and all, or that they can’t invest in Delta or in our project because of youth restiveness or that they would have loved too be involved if it is done in Lagos or somewhere else.”

In other words, “CEOs Hangout” is a massive project that is aimed at making investment in the State an interesting one for both local and international Entrepreneurs, Investors SEOs etc, by connecting CEOs (both young and old, et al) together to share ideas and address the menace.

it is understandable that if we must build our local economy, increase in business intelligence, business structure, then we must engage professionals, experts, we must engage people who have succeeded in what they are doing, be it in Delta State or Lagos to come and share success secrets of how they were able to build the structures they have and how they got to where they are, it will create a bigger platform to meet with local investors, (manufactures) other key sectors even the government policy makers.

So everyone bring something to the table. This is what we can do but these are the challenges, the government will tell you this are our challenges this what we want to do, this is what we can do the the financial sector will tell you this is what you are not doing right that’s why you are not getting the response you want from and this is how to go about and we will get you involved, this is one of the anchor point of this hangout and we want everyone to be present, WHAT CAN YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THIS LOCAL ECONOMY FOR IT TO GROW, when this is done so the local investors, government will now be able to say I will be able to partner with this because it is in line with our economic growth strategy and development goal. A lot of things will work when everyone knows what opportunities are out there so that we can in the process grow our business, build brand (affirmty) , networking and marketing our various services, because in as much as we gather to equip our minds(,) another key factor is to also translate it into more productivity in our business.

The Brand’s MD added: “we had (before the debut in 2015) to do something to grow our businesses in Delta State, since no one, not even the government or private entity was ready to show any support whatsoever, and this motivated the maiden edition of the CEOS HANGOUT and with the theme “If Sponsorship Doesn’t Work, Real Partnership Does”. The theme was needful because it was discovered that if we must achieve, then we must grow as a team, as it was difficult at that moment to get support or sponsorship from anybody, we the local economy we had to work as a team to bring back investors confidence, business friendly environment , a new mindset, and it was met with a lot of enthusiasm, and the media did help, this as a result, gave birth to the “Warri Business Community.” We gave ourselves targets to empower 5000 youths, hence the new mantra “Warriworks” was launched as against the old “warri nor dey carry carry last” yes a warri that is working.

This year’s edition of ‘CEOS HANGOUT’ will therefore, complement the achievements of last year which had the following brands:
Deltas First Opera.
Nymair Spoken Words, and

He also added that (at the press conference): “nobody believed how a thing could be done in warri, we also had “Warri Fitness Festival, Face of Klassique Pro, Last Singer Standing , Warri Shopping Festival and so many, at the end we were able to create opportunities. Unlike before, when you hear and you begin to see Stars who come to put up event in Delta State from Lagos bring everything including manpower, We were able to prove them wrong with the “Harrysong One Delta Peace Concert “. Thanks to Harrysong for the believe and faith he has us, now as I speak with you Yung six is planning a concert, after that Oritse Femi.

It was recalled tha two indeginous products, VALON HOUSE HOLD WASH, DETERGENT, Detox, and DOC. PREFERED COLLLECTION WATERFALLS START MODERN DAY CARD CENTERS EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES CENTERS were launched. Now we have been able to create an environment where it has been made easier and possible to Invest and run a successful business in Warri after the maiden edition of “CEOS HANGOUT”

Now as the euphoria begins to build, it is important that we build structures, foundations, this was the reason why some other platforms that tried to rebuild fail because as early progress is been made,they forgot to build structures, so that is what the edition of the CEOS HANGOUT is all about, with the theme LET’S SHAKE HANDS and (tagged) 21ST CENTURY MILLIONAIRES MASTER CLASSES.

1. Mr Godfrey Efeurhobo, MD smile Communication Nigeria
2. Orode Okpu CEO. Exclusive Brand Africa

3. Mr Segun Macauley Former Vice President Airtel Nigeria.

4. Amb. Anthony Nwangwu CEO Lightworld Industries

5. Onye Ubanatu CEO My Passion My Life Media.

6. Dame Elizabeth Agu Branch Controller CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA ASABA.
Topic: THE ROLE OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTION AND THE OPPORTUNITES AVAILABLE IN BUILDING A LOCAL ECONOMY, and the Regional Manager of Zenith Bank will also be talking on the same topic as CBN BC,

8. Segun Emmanuel, Delta foremost Motivational Speaker
The are the front line Speakers for the General session.

Interactive Sessions will have Guest Speakers, such as:
1. Ben Okotie-eboh MD Crown/Kpoko FM,
2. OCHUKO OROGUN, Head of Presentation Delta Broadcasting Service,
3. Oeobe Odjiegba – Timi Pudie Media Personal and Film making,
4. Mr Okoro, Poducer and Director of Dreams
5. MD Recoze Hotel,
6. Dr Charles Akpoki, WIZZYSMILE, and
7. Kelly of the IDEAS Comm.


CORPERS – #1000
Admittance, cocktail

INDIVIDUAL – #2,000.00
Admittance, cocktail
Event Brochure

EXECUTIVE – #5,000.00
Admittance, cocktail, brochure, logo on the red carpet, formal recognition at the event
*you have an opportunity to become a member of the warri business community or friends of the warri business community

CORPORATE – #20,000.00
Admittance, cocktail, coporate profile on the event Brochure +2
Logo plus 4 pictures of your services on the big screen.
*you have an opportunity to become a member of the warri business community or friends of the warri business community

NGOs – #20,000.00

Admittance, cocktail, coporate profile on the event Brochure +2
Logo plus 4 pictures of your services on the big screen. Presentation of its charity works and future projects.

PARTNERS – #50,000.00 – #100,000.00
Benefits include:
i. Admittance,

ii. Cocktail,

iii. Corporate profile and advert on the event Brochure +6,
iv. Logo plus 10 pictures of your services on the big screen.

v. Documentary film of 4mins of your best works in 2016,

vi. 4 super portraits of your brand +you have an opportunity to become a member of the Warri Business Community or friends of the Warri Business Community.



4. Success MEDIA Africa
11. ROB

11. DELTA 24/7.

VENUE: Golden Tulip Hotel, Warri.

Accreditation: 9am
Main Events : 10am

For More Inquiries/Info
Ogane Oghenerume
Visioner warriworks

Register Through:

King Joseph (Success MEDIA Africa) via:

WhatsApp: +2349054593364
Hotline: +2349054832450

South-West Most Popular Comedian Dr Smile Turns Professional Actor.

It is no more news to all comedy lovers, in Nigeria, especially in the South-western part of the country, that, Dr Smile has gained the heart of many with his humility, and unusual way of cracking ribs, which can make even the world’s richest man unconsciously roll on the floor, thereby making him the most popular and lovable Comedian in the region.

Hardly would you come across any major event online this days, without his presence on the artwork.

However, to further penetrate his fans more and take his already blossoming career to the next level, Dr Smile has decided to add acting to his professional list, with his new role in a new movie titled “Owo Mi” (my money) produced by Mr Latin and directed by Odunlade Adekola.

In an interview with SMA’s Founder, King Joseph this morning, one of the most humble Comedian of our time also confirmed this. In his some of his own words:

“Acting has always been one of my long-discovered potentials, but, because there has been no enough time to go into it and because I don’t want to go into it to play a gate man role, moreover, I want to be recognized as a brand and not as Waka pass.”

When asked if he now has the time to take it as a profession or just want to do it for fun, here is his simple but straight response:

“I am going into it full time now, to show the world the other side of me, it is time to show the world my acting skill.”

If you still doubt this, then confirm from his post, with photo of him and Odunlade Adekola on set, via his instagram post below:

From @drsmilecomedian: The other side of Drsmile. On set with @odunomoadekola @mondayabiose thanks @mrlatin1510 for this.

See more of his photos below:

CBN Endorses SSS’ Raid on Currency Traders

The apex bank in Nigeria has backed the raids by the men of the Secret Service on actors of the parallel market.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Tuesday endorsed the crackdown on parallel market forex traders by the officials of the Department of State Services (SSS) across the country.

The CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, disclosed this while addressing journalists at the end of its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting in Abuja.

According to Mr. Emefiele, the foreign exchange regulation in the country forbids trafficking in currency. He said that the SSS had the right to enforce the law and make sure that currency hawkers were forced out of the “illegal trade.’’

The governor, who said it was demeaning for traders to hawk currency on the streets, urged the traders to legitimise their business by applying for Bureau De Change (BDC) licence.

Officials of the SSS raided the parallel markets in Lagos, Abuja and Onitsha last week over alleged arbitrary sale of forex. The raid, which worsened dollar scarcity at its wake, forced the naira to settle at N465 to a dollar.

Earlier, members of the MPC unanimously voted in favour of retaining the Monetary Policy Ratio (MPR) at 14 per cent, Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) at 22.5 percent and the liquidity ratio at 30 per cent.

The governor said that the members of the committee took the decision after a critical assessment of the risks to the economy.