Don’t Chew More Than You Can Swallow
By king Joseph (the @strategist_kj)

Edited By: Ms Adebukola Ijaola (@qbs_creatives)
Co-edited By: Ademuyiwa Castrol

Languages Used: Simple English For All (SEA), Efik, Pidgin and Yoruba

Talking to my Ghetto Soljas.
#TeamNsido? #TeamStreet

king Joseph: “How far naw, omo iya mi (my blood)? Hope say evri evri dey go well with you ba?”

Jamani: “Boss, awa wa o…in chorus; “awon ota lo jon.
“Bo se ma je niyen Oga mi, Olorun, no shakement in your own voice” (actually, Don invented that word…smiles) he added.

Don’t chew more that you can swallow…lest you vomit – literary

It Begins…
I smiled because, I was happy with that response considering the strength and strong spirit that came with it – perhaps, in it. Despite the effects of this economy crisis of our once the obvious ‘Giant of Africa’. He believes in his hustle still – my kind! Nsido?
He looked down casted & worried somehow though (considering the magnitude of his challenges…just recently, his younger brother publicly humiliated/almost beat him up ‘a family man’ because he’s not financially capable) – he’s a man; it happens to all – we feel tired somehow often times “HUMAN BODY”.

He’d run to me for consolation whenever he’s down, hence, I took good advantage to reignite his fire to enable him know why he has to speak to what will bring about that #PEACEFULLIFE (which in every sane land, everyone strives for nothing short of). And so, I decided to ‘help’ encourage him, thus: “Omo iya mi, Don’t Chew More Than You Can Swallow’. Never try it, not even when you feel like, because of the kind of challenges life is throwing at you for some while now. Hey, bro! I have mine too, but the only thing that helps to keep me going is this popular saying; ‘tough times don’t last, tough people do’. I try not (especially, more now) to run faster than my shadow – no man can! So as not to miss that right path that brings about great achievements, happiness and PEACE of mind to me – to ‘Us’.

I don’t know, but I think that might as well work for you – if you try it more? Still same? I know but he sighed and said; ‘ ohun yen niyen, Oga mi. Baba in spirit, o shey’. Flattered (I smiled), but I don’t know, I just wanted to take control – perhaps. I wanted him (you) to see at least a high point in my talking mood. Listen, my brother, it will all CONNECT soon, regardless. Iyanu ma shele, everything go fall in place no matter how far you’ve been hustling harder, endeavor to do the following:
1. Try to be as humble as you can to all that cross your path in life.

2. Run from debt (unnecessary ones).

3. Oh, permit me, be as faithful as you can to God and love all!

4. Be kind to mankind, no barrier.

5. Be generous – in your little way…

6. Pay your tithes regularly (which I am also trying hard to make a habit now).

7. And try as much as possible to be in peace with everyone – not bear grudges with any – regardless (if you do find yourself already doing this, then endeavor to make amend) even when you think you are not fully at fault (perhaps something triggered your anger, don’t worry, it is normal, we all human, we all have our limits – every man. We all get pushed to the wall (some over the wall) and at this moment, we feel like turning back to face ‘IT’; we get mad, very paranoid, we feel like pouring our minds out – opening the bottle tends to be the only solution. And some, feel like breaking things, throwing foul languages at the other, throwing punches and kicks will want to sound the best reaction to them while some will feel like resigning from their bills – paying job to freely express their anger et all…

Fine! None of that is bad (so to say, since we’ve been mandated not to judge anyone), but remember, anger destroys and can never be repaired. Do you think your reactions to that situation/attack will bring you the divinely deserved #PEACE and true fulfilment, now and aftermath? Never will it bring you that PEACE you’ve been longing for. The moment you let anger out of your life, then, that PEACE finds you, enter to your life, eat and dime with you. Let what people do to you matter less, be content, be appreciative, see things God’s way, never try to be who you’re not, never envy your fellow human achievements and never look down on yourself or anybody for every time on the clock repeats itself each new day. Use your time wisely cos the next second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year may not favour you. Whatever the Lord gives you, appreciate it and don’t ever forget to give Him praise and worship because that’s one of the ways you can make Him happy.

He’s a dependable God who sees and knows everything and He’s the only unfailing God who does things in miraculous ways which no man can comprehend. To achieve your destiny, you will surely come across bridges or mountains that are very difficult to cross but don’t forget that with God all things are possible.

Listen, no matter how hard the situation you find yourself might be, do not panic or get blown by the wind, thereby dipping your hands in what might end in regret. Know that it has been like that since after the first ‘disobedience; ‘…and man shall sweat to eat…’ but in the end, you’re coming out of it all. Trust GOD for your victory, #Nsido?

Moreover, do not forget that you still have the capacity to change that situation, provided you take it to HIM and be more perseverance .yes, YOU CAN DO IT! Just remain steadfast and keep your FAITH in HIM high. With GOD, everything is P.O.S.S.B.L.E! However, trust the vision (if you don’t have one, create it today and work towards it), believe in yourself like #Nsido?

I have my challenges too. But, hey, this is me, I keep the hustle going and the dream alive. Let me confess to you, King Joseph Success World is an empire – a dream, a vision in progress. Yes, I’M KING JOSEPH, the DREAMER. Even Success MEDIA Africa is named after my unborn Son (Success), which nothing can stop from coming to pass…I’m a WORK in process, because GOD is a GOD of processes…mbok, coming to that another day, #Nsido?

I am not writing this epistle as a rich or made man, but as a typical HUSTLER just like you…yes, you, #Nsido?

Interestingly, there’s always at least a very goof reason for every situation, hence there’s at least a positivity in every challenges (if you look deep, remember that Yoruba saying; ‘ti oju baa fara bale, aa ri’mu’?

At times, God actually wants us to learn something new that’ll catapult us to our #greatness. At times, He’s helping us to avert some unseen evil first – to clear the road for us, perhaps to make us live longer and be stronger…Remember, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. The best time to be calmer is that trying moments. And so, that is the best time to move closer to and build the most cordial (intimate) relationship with the ONE ‘GOD’ who can do all things with ease and bless us according to Hid riches in glory. We need His mercy and grace more at such period. Don’t go far from His presence and you’ll see Him turning the #tides in your FAVOUR, the ones that’ll make the world scream; ‘God, #Nsido?’ on your behalf!

Believe and be positive in whatever you do (be it good or bad) because whatever we sow we shall reap. For as long as there’s no short cut to the heavenly kingdom of our Father (God), and so, there’s no short cut to #success. There are shortcuts to everything devilish but to everything pure and good are divine journey. It is very certain that any life committed to Jesus cannot be wasted. Faithfully run to Him all the days of your life, surrender all to Him and He will never disappoint you.
Your friends/mates have all made it to the top, enh, agreed, but remember, no late Comer. Besides, our destiny and timing differ, so please, I urge you again, mbok, #DontChewMoreThanYouCanSwallow

You Should Never Send These To Your Ex. – King Joseph

#5. Never Tell Him You Miss Him.

Girl, abegiii, you don’t miss him! He hurt you. He played you. He did something bad. There’s a reason you guys broke up. Don’t tell him that you miss him because you don’t! Once you tell him you miss him, his ego will rise and he’s going to think that you’re vulnerable and that he has you wrapped around his finger. He’s going to think that he is the coolest guy in the planet and he’s going to use that to his advantage. Most likely, he’ll tell you that he misses you too, but don’t fall for that! He may truly miss you (your pussy…ok, sorry, your body, if that’s how you like to hear it), but there’s a reason you guys broke and he might do the same thing again. Or he could be lying to you and he doesn’t really miss you. He probably just wants to make you believe that he does so that he can feel better about himself and probably enjoy his self under you again.

#4. Never Tell Him That You Love Him.

Oh! Still on the ego matter! Don’t let his rise. The bulk of guys I know are prideiful and if they think that you feel a strong emotion for them, they are going to use it to their advantage. They will make you believe that they feel the same way when in reality, they probably don’t (they only put up to feel your pant again.) You know, if he says he still loves you, he probably doesn’t. He’s probably just saying that to physically use you and mentally hurt you one more time. You don’t deserve his crap! Don’t fall for it again my dear.

#3. Don’t Ever Ask Him To Hang Out

Girl, you guys are broken up. There’s no need to hang out anymore. For one, it could be really awkward. It’s going to be weird being with him and not calling him Babe or any of the nicknames that you would give him. It’s going to be weird not holding his hand. It’s going to be weird not being able to kiss him or hug him the same way you used to. Trust me, that’s going to hurt you inside. Oh, that reminds me, also, the night might not end the way you expect to. He might take advantage of you and use you physically (I hope you get this clearly…) and then you guys could go back to being strangers again. Is that what you want? No. You don’t want to be used then forgotten.

#2. Don’t Ever Apologize To Him

Why the apology? You don’t need to, my dear, unless you were the one that cheated or something, you have no reason to be sorry. If he cheated on you, don’t be sorry that he cheated on you. If he hurt you, don’t be sorry for being hurt. Whatever you do, do not apologize to him. He is the one at fault, not you, so why are you apologizing?! When you apologize, it’s going to be obvious to him that you were thinking about him. And while you were thinking about him, he probably wasn’t even giving one thought about you. Some people usually apologize to start a conversation Girl, I know you miss him and all, but try your best not to talk to him. The best way to move on is to ignore him or leave him alone!

#1. Don’t Send Mean Texts

Don’t ever text him saying that you regret being with him. Don’t ever text him in anger. I don’t know what it is with us (guys), but literally everything you say to them makes their ego rise. If they know that they have angered you, they find some pleasure in that and I have no clue why. We always want to feel superior. And feel superior when we can affect your emotions that much. You just have to pretend that you don’t care. You have to pretend that he is unaffecting you, even if he is! I know it’s a lot to ask for when I say to pretend to not care about him, but that’s the best way to make a guy angry. Wear him down. Make him think that what he does, doesn’t bother you at all.
MOVE ON WITH A BETTER LIFE, instead of being MEAN to him or feeling bad about the break-up, it simply means you still dwelling in the past and this is of higher percentage going to affect your general life.