“Buhari Told Me He Needed Strong Vice President In Case He Dies.” – Pastor Tunde Bakare

The founder of The Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari asked him to be his running mate in 2011 because he wanted a Vice President who could hold the nation together in the event of his death while in power.

Pastor Tunde Bakare

Bakare made the disclosure in a message to his congregation at the church headquarters in Ogba, Lagos State.

Buhari had contested the 2011 Presidential election with Bakare as his running mate, on the platform of the then Congress for Progressives Change, CPC.

The former Presidential running mate revealed that all that transpired during that period had been documented in his book: ‘Strategic Intervention in Governance.’

According to Bakare,“After I was called and I went to Abuja, and I sat with Mr President or General Buhari then, I said why me? ‘I’m not a politician’, ‘I do not belong to any political party’, ‘I am not carrying card of any party, why me’?

“He gave me all the reasons, they are written in the book; Strategic Intervention in Governance. He gave three reasons, but the one that made everyone around me that day to dove their hats was when he said: I am not as young as you think, and even Yar’Adua that is younger is dead.

“In case I die, I know you can hold the nation together. That was when Jim (he didn’t give his surname) removed his cap and said egbon, you must agree.”

Speaking further, the clergyman said he sat with Buhari and asked, “Sir, I need to understand something before I do anything. Every running mate of yours, including the one that was even your deputy in the military, is dead.

“Ume-Ezeoke is dead, Okadigbo is dead, Idiagbon is dead, I am not about to die?”

He quoted the President as saying, “Pastor, you must be very funny, I have never even thought about it.

“I knew he had nothing to do with their deaths, but that man carries a dimension of grace that if you deal with him, and betray him, you pay with your life.

“So I said to him, hear me now, ‘I will never betray you, I leave it to you to betray me if you wish to do so’… I’m not kidding you, you don’t know what transpired, for you, it was just campaign.

“Loyalty is a two-way traffic, if you cannot do that with God, forget, you cannot do it with men, you’d betray the cause, somewhere along the line, when things get tough, when they are not as easy as you expect them to be.

“God builds your confidence if you heed to his agreement.”



I think it is time to call on all the respected men/ women of God in this nation (Nigeria) to come together & speak with boldness & authority the same way they preach prosperity & performing healing miracles to call the wrath of God on all the kidnappers, ritualists, and Boko Haram in this nation. Is it only sowing of seed, bring what you have & wait for harvest they know & believe in?

Bishop David Oyedepo, Chris Oyakhilome, Mathew Ashimolowo, Enoch Adeboye, Ayo Oritsejafor, Williams Kumuyi, Chris Okotie, David Ibiyeomie, Abiodun Fatoyinbo, Wale Oke, Sam Adeyemi, T B Joshua, Rev. Ezekiel, S Ayorinde, Margret Idahosa, Taiwo Odukoya, Tunde Bakare, Cardinal Arinze & others. It is now we need the same faith & the vigour you use to preach prosperity to declare powerful war of words on the Boko Haram troubling the peaceful co-existence of this nation.

Why are all of you silent in this trying times? Enough is enough let your voice be heard. Come out boldly like real prophets such as biblical Elijah. It is not only the preaching of Malachi emphasizing on tithe & offerings, seed & harvest time. It is time for you all to come together or individually begin to speak prophetic word that will melt away all the perpetrators of evil in this nation.

Do you all sleep with your two eyes closed at night? Ordinary citizens that is believing the preaching of your prosperity that only enriches selected few cannot afford the luxury of bullet proof cars, trained armed guards, & armoured mansions.

It is time to be counted as TRUE men/women of God. Please forward until it get to all the preachers.

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