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riends are the family we chose__Jess C.

All of us like to feel valued and appreciated. However, it is easy for most of us to go through our day forgetting to complete simple acts of kindness.

I remember the past years of my matrimony (separated now tho), I used to really appreciate my woman’s domestic efforts like being the only too sweep, keep the house clean, wash the dishes, empty the bin, in most cases, she would wake me up, prepares me for bath, set me up, the children, still prepares our food 24/7, go to the market…OMG!!! Too many to start listing…I look at her someday, I felt this emotional pity for sm1 I so much love and cherish and I told her, “The ONE (that was d name I used to call her) henceforth we gon start sharing the domestic works, starting with cooking…

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YOU ARE THE FAMILY THAT I CHOSE IN LIFE – King Joseph (The Strategist)

</2015-10-11 10.19.14Me 26/10/15 14:08
Friends are the family we chose__Jess C.

All of us like to feel valued and appreciated. However, it is easy for most of us to go through our day forgetting to complete simple acts of kindness.

I remember the past years of my matrimony (separated now tho), I used to really appreciate my woman’s domestic efforts like being the only to sweep, keep the house clean, wash the dishes, empty the bin, in most cases, she would wake me up, prepares me for bath, set me up for work, the children, still prepares our food 24/7, go to the market…OMG!!! Too many to start listing…I look at her someday, I felt this emotional pity for sm1 I so much love and cherish and I told her, “The ONE (that was d name I used to call her) henceforth we gon start sharing the domestic works, starting with cooking (coz Am really good if not better than most women of our generation, at that…thanks to my world best Momma), sweeping, bathing and movement of the children to and fro school, assisting in going to the market for her, if need be etc.” And she asked, “Oh really, but u don’t have to Daddy, Am very cool with these, that’s how my mother taught me to…”
But, after my persistence, we both sat down and drew up a time-table to work with, with her still getting the highest percentage…
That’s another way of appreciating and saying “Thank You” to someone or something for a good deed by your friends/beloveths

When I am done with paymeny @ the Barbing Salon, I look straight up to the guy and say “Thank you dude” (upon satisfaction though…smiles). I swear down, even the guy would really appreciate it in return, and would felt elated, encouraged and honoured, I assume.

When people celebrate, most especially on your day, and even some of them who never even expected to hear from coz you think and also know that you ain’t In same class with them, it means to me that I am highly recognised and appreciated, and in return, I would feel highly encouraged and very honoured like this that I would have to say “A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL…”

1). Thank you for always being my best supporters (all in my BBM world, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, google+, BbmChannel, Gmail, Yahoo, Mobile, Church, Neighbours, Office and On The Streets)

2). Thank you for not judging me for my sometimes poor decision-making skills.

3). Thank you for late-night conversations.

4). Thank you for remembering every inside joke we have ever created.

5). Thank you for the long drives you have taken just to spend time with me.

6). Thank you for being brutally honest with me when I am being ridiculous.

7). Thank you for respecting my values and opinions, even if you disagree.

8. Thank you for loving my family like you love your own.

9). Thank you for bringing me into your family.

10). Thank you for pouring large glasses of wine.

11). Thank you for being brave enough to let me in and be vulnerable to me.

12). Thank you for celebrating all of the exciting moments of my life with me. I can’t imagine not having you in my birthday party or by my side when I hold a little human in my arms that I magically created.

13). Thank you for ordering pizza with me at any time of night (my ex)

14). Thank you for forgiving me for every time I haven’t been the best friend in the entire world (to you all).

15). Thank you for all that you’ve taught me (to u all most especially my Momma, @Sir_Rozlah and co.)

16). Thank you for always making me feel like the crazy stories of my day are important.

17). Thank you for being there through all of the significant others I have mistakenly chosen over you in obvious moments of weakness.

18). Thank you for every gushy text you send me to encourage me when life is really crappy.

19). Thank you for every dorky, sentimental holiday and #Birthday gifts you knew I would absolutely love (to you all, my loyal #TeamOfLifeAfrica across Africa, my #9jaCrew, my friends/fans/famz etc).

20). Thank you for always being ready to bust out the dance moves with me, even when you know I’m not good @ dancing…lol)

21). Thank you for defending me (@confamATM, @Therealdtunes @amjay_brown @KinalemaangC @llcooljent_SA, @TEAM_llcooljent @Strategist_KJ @Don_Weezzy1 @Djktam etc)

22). Thank you for reminding me to stay true to myself (@Sir_Rozlah and co)

23). Thank you for continuing to be true to yourself as well, because I think you rock.

24). Thank you for listening to my frequent and usual long-story-articles as though you haven’t already heard them a million times.

25). Thank you for always making time for me, no matter how far away you are.

26). Thank you for being strong when I am weak.

27). Thank you for texting me and keeping up with me more thoroughly than my significant others have.

28). Thank you for being the most significant of my others.

29). Thank you for sharing your closet with me.

Thank you for your sharing your secrets with me.

31). Thank you for sharing your life with me (my #TeamOfLifeAfrica members).

Remember, everyone needs to feel valued and appreciated. If you are a kid, teen, or young adult, then appreciate your parents and your teachers. Try to look at things from their perspective. Adults, try to remember when you were a kid! Workers, think about what you can do to make your workplace a more peaceful place. Maybe that employee just needs a pat on the back or some understanding about something he/she might be going through at home. Employees, maybe your boss needs the same consideration.

Take time to thank someone and appreciate those who assist you in your day #JustAsIHaveDoneHereNow. Stop a moment to share this article/blog with someone. Let’s all work together to share this ittle piece of appreciation and words of thanks.

ONCE AGAIN, I THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, YOU GUYS MADE MY BIRTHDAY A MEMORABLE ONE YESTERDAY…ATM, Sean KD, Aare Azeez Anjuwon, Linda Adeniyi, 6ix Degrees Ent ‘s Boss, D’tunes, Jay Brown, Dj Xclusive, Dj Ktam, Denise Mitchelle, etc…I am very sorry if I didn’t mention your name here…

The Strategist @KingJoseph_1
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How To Write Your Own “Four Front” Music Marketing Plan!

I Have a Question for You:

What Are Your Goals?

If you look up the word ‘goal’ in a dictionary the word is defined as “something to aim at, or hope to obtain.” So, I want you to sit down right now and write the answer to this question on a piece of paper:

“Of all the things I could do in my life, “WHY do I want to learn how to write a music marketing plan?” Or better yet, answer this question: “Why do I want to start and run a record label?”.

I ask you to do this because the only business that needs to know how to market music are record labels, they are the ones who have to write these danged things. So, if you are just an independent musician who has recorded a CD but wants it to sell, then (whether or not you want to admit it….) you are starting your own record label, and record labels must write music marketing plans if they have any chance of selling the recordings they have made!

Music marketing plans are written for a couple of reasons.
Primarily they are written by a record label so that they can figure out what they are going to do to get their recording heard by the public and eventually sell.

Secondly, music marketing plans are written to show investors or other financial lenders that you have a clear picture of the music marketplace and how you will be successful with your label.
Also it is important to remember that these plans are not seen directly by music fans or consumers. But your fans and ccustomers react to the results of your plan when they hear and buy your music.
So, what should you do before you begin to write your
‘FourFront Music Marketing Plan’?

First off, do some research on your abilities to run a business, and then research what the business of music marketing entails…and:

Think About A Few Things Before You Start Writing What is your financial situation? Consider what your money situation is. If you or any partners in your venture have been in any other businesses check out how well (or not) those ventures went.
Find out if you really have the ability to start and operate your own record label. (Take a look at any previous profit and loss statements, start-up budgets, equipment you bought, operating budgets you created, etc) and analyse honestly your opinion of yourself and any potential partners as
savvy business people.)

Now, please answer these questions:
If you are just starting out, have you done any ‘business modelling’ on an Excel spreadsheet? (In other words have you at least tried to project the expenses and possible realistic income your record release may generate over the next year to 3 years?)

Are you aware of all the contracts and responsibilities you might encounter as a record label; recording contracts, royalty payments, mechanical licenses, sampling clearances, music publishing issues, etc?

Do you really have a real understanding of your particular music marketplace: your competitors, the geographical areas you want to cover?
Are you crystal clear about who your target customer or fan is, (in other words …what your niche is?)
Do you have the latest and most useful demographic AND psychographic data on your chosen customers/fans? (the hard facts about them and the more subtle psychological traits they portray?).

Have you considered all the legal or business issues your label needs to be aware of, such as what business form your label will take, what kind of business licenses you might need, what taxes you must pay?

Do you have any knowledge of existing distribution channels that might be available to you?
Do you keep up on any and all information on the music trends in your chosen music markets? Meaning do you subscribe to such music industry magazines as Billboard, or ssubscribe online to any of the many music industry newsletters, blogs e.g: or (to further enable you get the best of publicity/promos/marketing advise or podcasts that are available to you?

If you still feel like you are a candidate for starting-up and running your own record label, then It’s now time to start learning how to write a music marketing plan based on The Four Fronts Music Marketing ’ that the book ‘ Music Is Your Business; A Musician’s FourFront Strategy for Success’ is all about:

Before I start getting into all the details involved with writing a music marketing plan, lets take a quick refresher course on what the ‘Four Fronts Of Music Marketing’ are all about and how they “work together”:
The First Front is called ARTISTE and PRODUCT DEVELOPEMENT – and it is the ONLY Front that is divided into Two Parts:
Artist Development is concerned with the issues surrounding preparing your career while Product Development is about making and selling your records.

Then comes:
The Second Front:

PROMOTION (Getting Airplay for Your Music)

The Third Front:

PUBLICITY (Creating a Buzz in the Media…this is one of the areas we have been able to build a global world of Professionals working with Success MEDIA, Africa: a Nigerian-African P.R Expertise and Consultancy platform)

The Fourth Front:

PERFORMANCE (Finding Your Audience)
(The last 3 Fronts are called the “Exposure Fronts”, which means that getting music fans to hear the music is the job of Promotion plans, reading or hearing about the music or the artist is the job of Publicity plans, and seeing the music performed live is the job of any Performance plans, which IF all of these Fronts have been coordinated well, ultimately will lead back to the Product Development plans that are concerned with getting your fans and customers to buy or download the music.)

Remember that all parts of the music business are INTERDEPENDENT on each other… meaning they all feed off each other and need each other if a music marketing plan is to be successful.

And now, it’s time to start writing your plan!

First of All: Discuss Your ‘Market Situation’: This is the section of your FourFront Music Marketing Plan where you write a clear description of what the state of the music industry in Nigeria and beyond is today. You succinctly describe the health of
the music business, as you see it and what your research has shown…

What specific products are record labels concerned with, and what kind of services are record labels and other aspects of the recording industry offering?

What is the value, in dollars, of music today in terms of sales and sales trends?

What are your specific music sales and distribution options available today?

What broadcasting opportunities are available to you?

What press and other media could be of use to you?

What type of music venues might you be able to perform at?

What regions of the country or the world do you intend to cover?

Describe your fan base and customers in terms of their population base, demographics, ages, income levels, ethnic or religious backgrounds.

Who are your direct and indirect music competitors in your chosen music marketplace?
Historically, how well has your genre of music and more recently how well is it selling?

Your market situation section might read like this if you were starting a label:
LlcoolJ Entertainment World (a division of King Joseph Success World) an independent record label that started up in late 2003 (officially launched/registered in 2009). We specialize in helping Nigeria/African Promising Talents in conjunction with Causla Records ( they also help singers/songwriters releases that write their own music) gain their own ground etc. This segment of the music industry accounts for 18% of the total music market place for over the last 8 years. We estimate that there are over 4 million people who enjoy and support the many independent singer/songwriter’s CDs and digital releases annually in the U.S. alone, (according to Neilson/Soundscan’s
annual report on music sales), and the singer/songwriter genre brings in close to a billion dollars in revenue from sales of CDs, MP3 file downloads, sheet music and various music licensing deals.
They hope to build the company in the first 3 years to
bring in around $200,000 in annual sales by the end of their third year in business. We will use independent record distributors and music stores as our source of getting the music to our demographic, while at the same time taking advantage of the increasing digital aggregators like iTunes, TuneCore and CDBaby to reach our target audience of mid–twenties to early thirties men and women who are of mixed races, middle class, college graduates who seek out this style of music regularly.

We will research and target alternative broadcasting
possibilities such as non-commercial college and public radio stations, kingjoseohs_sw, successmedia_a,
Internet radio, as well as satellite broadcaster XM and Sirius.

In additions, we will seek to make connections with the alternative print media publications on and offline, and will suggest alternative live performance venues for our artists when they go on tour.
Our competition are the hundreds of other independent labels putting out this style of music, but we are confident that by concentrating on Pacific Northwest, Nigeria and other African countries singer/songwriters we will gain a reputation of releasing the best Artistes in this genre and help put the Northwest and Africa at large on the map for this style of music.

Historically, singer/songwriter music has been a staple of the music industry at large since the 1970’s, and we are confident that with sales of this genre fairly steady over the last three decades, it will continue to grow and prosper.

This is just an example of how the Marketing Situation part of a FourFront Music Marketing Plan might work. Since it is only an example YOU have to write down what your particular situation is like… That is the purpose of this exercise. For example, how much information do you have—right now—on your competition, and any demographic information as well?
The ‘market situation’ part of a music marketing plan gives you a chance to pull all this information together in one place, to cement your ideas and justify your actions, which will come up later in your plan.

Now, consider your first label release in the coming year and explain how it stacks-up against the releases of your competitors and describe any significant market opportunity for you that neither you nor your competitors are currently exploiting?
(When you finish your FourFront Music Marketing Plan it will provide a good test of the validity of your research to capture the different snapshots of the market you are in and competing with.)

What Are the Threats and Opportunities You Face?

This section is an extension of the “market situation” section, and it should focus on both the bad and good implications of the current market:…(to be cont’d in the next compilations base on very deep research, series of seminars/workshops and years of experience on the field)

Compiled By: KING JOSEPH of Success MEDIA Africa, King Joseph Management and LlcoolJ Ent World (all subsidiaries of King Joseph Success World)

IG: @successmedia_a / @strategist_kj
Twitter: @KingJoseph_sw / @strategist_kj

For More Info/Enq: +2349039422809

WhatsApp: +2349054593364



He was Born on June 28, 1963 in Lagos, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) is a truly made in Nigeria product. He obtained his First School Leaving Certificate [FSLC] from the Sunny Fields Primary School, Adelabu Surulere, Lagos, after which he proceeded to Birch Freeman High School, Surulere, Lagos and later Igbobi College, Yaba from where he acquired the West African School Certificate [WASC]. He, thereafter, went to the University of Benin, Benin City and graduated with a Bachelor of Laws [LLB Hons] degree in 1987. He was called to the Nigeria Bar in November 1988 after undertaking the statutory training for Barristers and Solicitors.

Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) The Governor of Lagos State,

He was Overwhelmingly re-elected for a second term of four years at the April 26, 2011 Gubernatorial polls, His Excellency, the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) is the recipient of the 2009 Yitzhak Rabin Centre for African Development Governor of the Decade for Peace Award and the recipient of the 2010 Award of Excellence in Leadership of the Martin Luther King Jnr. Foundation.

He is the recipient of the 2009 Good Governance Award from the United Kingdom-based African Business Magazine. Here in Nigeria, he is The Guardian, The Vanguard and The Sun newspapers’ Man of The Year for 2009. He is the Daily Champion Man of the Year for 2010. He is also the 2010 Award winner of the City People Magazine Best Governor of the Year and Best Southwest Governor of the Year.

Both nationally and internationally, he is acclaimed as one of the bright hopes for the future of Nigeria; one of the very progressive Governors determined to reclaim Nigeria’s past glories through competent and transparent leadership.

Since his election to the office of Governor of Lagos State in 2007, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in public service and uncommon commitment to his avowed pledge to lead the change that would transform Lagos into Africa’s model mega-city.

His dogged pursuit of renewal of the infrastructure of Lagos as the critical strategy for economic growth and poverty alleviation has won the State honours from as far away as Australia for undertaking the fastest infrastructure renewal ever in Africa.

His unflagging spirit has led the Government to explode many negative myths about Lagos. A passionate lover of children and the youth, Governor Fashola has embarked on projects aimed at improving the opportunities open to children and youths in the State.

In very unequivocal acceptance of his style of governance and the positive impact it has had on their lives, Lagosians overwhelmingly re-elected him for another term of 4 (four) years with 82% of the total votes cast and the highest votes ever cast for any individual in a State in the electoral history of Nigeria.

Legal Career
He was called to the Nigerian Bar as a solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in November 1988 after completing the professional training programme at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos which he undertook between 1987 and 1988. His legal career of over one and a half decades, commenced in the law Firm of Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe and Belgore, where he cut his legal teeth as a litigator over such wide-ranging areas of specialisation as, intellectual property (registration of trade marks), commercial law, covering general contracts, company activities, mergers, acquisitions, right issues, ownership of shares and equity of corporations, as well as land disputes, criminal law and chieftaincy matters, in all of which he has come to acquire appreciable expertise and vast experience.

Fashola, a Notary Public of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, has been variously honoured with awards and certificates of merit including the Distinguished Alumnus Award conferred on him by the University of Benin Alumni Association in recognition of contributions to the Alumnus association and humanity. He is also a recipient of Lagos State public service club Platinum Award for outstanding contribution towards development. As well as Alliance for Democracy ” Igbogbo Bayeku Local Government Award” in recognition of activities towards the success of the party.

Babatunde Fashola is also a Patron of the Law Students Association of the University of Benin and he is the second law graduate from the University of Benin and the first member of the Nigerian Law School graduating class of 1988 to be conferred with the professional rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria. He is also the First ever Chief of Staff to be so honoured. He is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, the International Bar Association and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria.

He was Chief of Staff to his predecessor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Fashola had during his tenure as Chief of Staff also dubbed as the Honourable Commissioner to the Governor’s office. He was the first person to hold both offices simultaneously.

Political appointments
Babatunde Fashola also served in Lagos state in various capacities, including:

• Secretary of the Lands Sub-Committee of the Transitional Work Groups. 1999.
• Member of the panel of Enquiry into allocation of houses on the Mobolaji Johnson Housing Scheme at Lekki, 2000.
• Member of the State Tenders Board- 2002– 2006.
• Member of Lagos State Executive Council-2002-2006.
• Member of the State Security Council-2002-2006
• Member of the State Treasury Board-2002-2006
• Chairman Ad-Hoc Committee on the Review of Asset distribution among Local Government.

Governor of Lagos state
Babatunde Raji Fashola commenced a four-year tenure as the Executive Governor of Lagos State in Nigeria on 29 May 2007. In June 2007, Babatunde Fashola appointed former Inspector General of Police Musiliu Smith head of the Lagos State Security council, a body charged with taking a holistic look at the anatomy of crime in the state. The Babatunde Fashola Good Governance Group (G3) movement is a good example of Fashola’s commitment to reaching out to the people using various media channels.

One of the main source of Lagos State government’ funds are received as tax payers’ money. Recently, a controversial proposal to charge consumption tax on eateries had been enforced. The matter was taken to court, but the ruling was announced in the government’s favour.

Education reforms
Babatunde Fashola vowed to rehabilitate the state’s public schools, long being neglected with time. Among the schools being habilitated included the governor’s alma mater, Birch Freeman High School, which is located at a busy metropolis of Surulere.

The Eko Mega City Project
See also: Eko Atlantic City
The biggest task Babatunde Raji Fashola faces in office is his visionary project to transform Lagos into a mega city, the first of its kind in Lagosian history. Although initialised under the former governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in June 2002, the mega project task accelerated under Fashola’s governorship. Both private and public sectors are involved in fulfilling the project.

The crucial part of the mega city project is the rehabilitation of Lagos’ infrastructures and districts. Formerly taken care of by the federal government, they were immediately neglected, as Abuja was declared Nigeria’s new capital since 1991. According to Lagos Rail Mass Transit, proposed light railways will be consisted of the outskirt blue-line and inner red-line destinations. As part of the project, the Badagry Expressway, which links Lagos directly to the south-eastern border of Benin Republic, is currently being rehabilitated by various contractors, with BRT and railway networks being established.

Another ambition is to recover lands at Victoria Island, being lost to erosion for decades. This artificial terrain is the location of the proposed Eko Atlantic City. This is also to support housing project that would accommodate up to 25 million Lagosians by 2015, a population growth from 15 million that could turn Lagos into the world’s third largest city.

In October 2009, Babatunde Fashola posthumously dedicated a garden personally, in honour of the memory of late professor Ayodele Awojobi at Onike Roundabout, Yaba, Lagos, with a statue of the famous academic erected at the centre.Artists of repute such as Oladejo Victor Akinlonu has commended the Governor on a job well done on the various value enhancement and beautification of Lagos state been a pioneer in the beautification of the state since the 80’s Oladejo enjoined artists to work with the Governor.Oladejo’s works such as the eyo masquerade and the Bust of Sir Alexander Molade Okoya Thomas where commissioned by the Governor.

Haiti earthquake fund-raising
See also: 2010 Haiti earthquake
As soon as Haiti was struck by a magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake, Babatunde Fashola launched an appeal to raise up to one million US dollars. The funds raised were used to assist the victims of the Haiti quake. As this was in place, the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mr. Adeyemi Ikuforiji, said Nigerians should be prepared in events of natural disasters.
Water safety

In May 2014, Fashola announced the compulsory use of life jackets on Lagos waterways. In a 2012 accident, ten children from Ijora Awori, Lagos State, drowned while they were being ferried to school, because they were not wearing life jackets. — with Boroffice Initiatives, Pdp Southwest, Lagvoice Lagos and 17 others.

For more up-to-date info and Publicity/PromoFashola: ff @KingJoseph_1 @Succes_Media


We Create Marketing Plans for Artists at SUCCESS MEDIA, AFRICA / LlcoolJ Entertainment World® and really enjoy working with our many clients. We’ve noticed a huge problem though. Artists call p our offices all the time looking for us to promote their new singles, album, and totally fine of course, but the problem lies in that many of these artists call us when their songs/abums are coming out the next week!! It completely baffles me that an artist or band will work so hard on an album, spending hours and hours writing songs and practicing these songs and then spending large sums of money recording, mixing and mastering, to only rush the release with no plan in place! Not planning enough lead time for a press campaign isn’t the only issue, but many people we talk to try to release their album when some of the basic music promotion elements aren’t even in place, for example a website where you can sell the music! In a three part series I will discuss some basic components of a marketing plan to help properly market you and a new release. This first ( ) blog post in the series can eloquently be called the “getting your sh*t together” phase. Here I’ve laid out 5 areas that need to be addressed before any official announcements should be made about new song(s) coming out. 1. DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION: Figure out how you’re going to digitally distribute the song/album and a physical CD only release or selling the CD and mp3’s strictly on your website is not the way to go. You need to make your music available everywhere digital music can be streamed and bought, such as on iTunes and Spotify, and the best way to do that is work with a digital distribution company like CD Baby or Tunecore. With that said, I talk to people all the time who then take this one step too far and sign up with multiple distribution companies (perhaps because they want to hire a Professional to work for them, thinking they may charge them…our 9ja mentality I must say if permitted to or because they think they are covering all their bases this way.). Which they are not. All that does is put multiple copies of the same song/album on iTunes and the like, which looks silly and can cause unnecessary confusion. And if you plan on working with a PR company to promote the release don’t set the release date until AFTER you have talked with them first. 2). ONLINE PRESENCE: Make sure your online presence is complete, effective and contains all the necessary promotional tools. There are lots of places online that artists can have a presence, here I talk about three of the most important sites: Official Website, Facebook and YouTube. a). Official Website – Your website should have a place where people can easily listen to and buy your music (but not a player that plays automatically when a person enters the site, can’t stress that enough), a homepage that has a news section where people can read the latest happenings with your career, and a newsletter sign up form, one that offers an incentive for signing up such as free music or discounts on merch. Plus it always surprises when I go to an artist website and can’t find any contact information or links to their social media networks. i. Facebook – Just as important as your website is your ii. Facebook Fan Page. On the new timeline there are three tabs that are on display; one tab should be a band profile that at a minimum contains a music player, tour dates and press quotes. iii. Next is a newsletter sign up form, and again, this should offer an incentive for signing up. And the last visible tab should be a Store. iv. YouTube – Another important piece of your online presence is YouTube. I’m always curious how people listen and discover new music and time and time again the response I hear back is YouTube. It’s critical to have videos up on YouTube for every song of the new release by the release date or soon after. Not saying these have to be well produced music videos, but just the songs themselves. To do this some artists just put up an image of their cover and leave it at that, but people are much more inclined to listen to your music if there are scrolling lyrics they can read as they listen or if there is a slideshow to watch. Taking free archival footage and editing ytogether to make a music video is another relatively easy inexpensive way to create a video for your songs, and can be a lot of fun too. 3). NEWSLETTER: This is real simple. Have one. And contact your mailing list once a month with news. Don’t cut corners on this either, a newsletter is where you’ll see the greatest impact on sales. All the tweets and facebook posts about a new album out for sale won’t equal the results of a well crafted newsletter, so spend money on a mailing list service provider that can help you design a rich looking email and provide analytics and tracking capabilities so you can measure the effectiveness of your newsletters and make adjustments where need be. 4). TOURING: Ideally you’ll have a tour booked immediately following the release, which greatly helps a PR campaign. A local blog or local newspaper will be much more inclined to cover a new song/album for an artist if a show is booked in town. And not saying this has to be a month long tour, just a few regional dates will help with your press efforts. Now timing can be tricky here, just like setting a release date too soon, you don’t want to book a tour and then not have the album ready or press plan in place. So wait until you have a better idea of what that will look like and then start booking a tour, and if the tour doesn’t happen until a month or so after the release that is quite alright. 5). MERCHANDISE: Pretty much everything in regards to your music career takes longer than expected, from making the album to creating the artwork to booking shows, and this definitely applies to any merchandise you want to have available to sell with the new album. And merch isn’t limited to T-Shirts and tote bags, handmade items can make for great unique offerings. Here’s a tip, at your merch booth bundle your music with these items cheaply and easily through download stickers from, where 120 codes will cost you just $20. Even though people aren’t buying CDs much anymore, they are still interested in supporting artists they love so give them lots of different ways to support you and purchase music instead of just having a CD and leaving it at that. So remember, plan early so you can have these items when you’re ready to release a new song/album, which I will be getting into in more details in the next blog post where I will discuss some basic principles for an effective pre-sale and song/album launch. To find out more about the publicity/marketing plans we @ Success MEDIA, Africa/LlcoolJ Entertainment World create for Artists/Labels please visit our page here: Ff us @Succes_Media and @KingJoseph_1 IG: @llcooljentworld Thanks for reading… Publisher: KING JOSEPH (King Joseph Management)

  1. Business slogans on a road and street signs
    Business slogans on a road and street signs

On the Run: Blogging the European Refugee Crisis


The Blog

People all over the world were horrified last week when they saw the picture of a dead Syrian child, Aylan Kurdi, being picked up from the beach in Turkey. His family’s attempt to escape the brutal civil war in their country had ended in tragedy.

From Calais to Kos to Lampedusa, the blogging community has been following the refugee crisis in Europe — as well as the conflicts that feed it — as it rapidly escalated over the past two years, and especially this past summer. Here are some of the most powerful voices we’ve come across weighing in on this massive humanitarian disaster.

A Letter from One Mother to Another

In a post full of tragic irony, a writer contrasts the plight of a refugee mother with the sanctimonious complaints of a mother who’s safe at home with her kids:

Dear Irresponsible Migrant Mother,

What exactly were you thinking when you…

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