Immediately I watched and read about the drama which I long titled: “NFF & the Super Eagles Coaching Job” which also led to Sunday Oliseh (ex-Nigeria Super Eagles Chief Coach) resigning (and fled back sharply…lol…cone to think of it, did he think the job was going to be as easier as paper coaching?) and the NFF hiring former Super Eagles Coach and the current Nigeria Dream Team Head Coach as the new Super Eagles Coach replacing Sunday Oliseh, I was so happy knowing fully well that there wouldn’t have been any better replacement than him.


I’ve always admired, loved and respected him as a coach, as a result of his past records on and off the field if football.
And he’s proven it again with way I just saw the Super Eagles played.


Even though, the match ended in a 1:1 draw, I still enjoyed it so much seeing how our Boys played, which is what I have not seen in this Nigerian Team in a very longgggg time.

Wow! Coach Samson Siasia, you have started up the project which you were forced to dropped and in even a better way.
For the first time in a very long time the team played like a team and professionally.

I heard some people who are just too ignorant of professional football saying Victor Moses has no reason not to have scored that last goal attempt which he lost, and I asked them what/how else would they have expected him to have done more than he did, or what could they say about the smarter Defender who individually rendered Victor Moses’s hard earned effort to score the goal useless, even after beating the Goalkeeper, but they couldn’t give me the right answer I was expecting.

The problem we have in this country (of which I expect everyone to focus on finding ways to solve them, to which no one is doing anything (the way I’m beginning to see it now ), about, and which is the very poor state of our football field in this country.
I want to strongly believe that if the same guys I saw on the field of play this evening happen to play on one of the good pitches we have Ib Europe, they would have done even much better, with the way they played they played today as a very strong team.


Abeg, I rest my fingers here.
#BetterSuperEagles #WiseAndHumbleMusa #WelldoneVMoses ##NewMikelObi #WelcomeHomeAlexIwobiWithGoodPlay #OneSuperEagle #NoMoreSuperChickens #NoMoreSuperEaglesCrisis #GodBlessNigeria!!!

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You probably already know that a diet rich in vegetables is good for your health and your waistline, but did you know certain veggies can support better sexual health?

Fresh organic vegetables are filled with phytonutrients and high levels of compounds that work to fight inflammation, like polyphenols and a host of vitamins – and, these particular veggies can even work to rev up your sex life.

1). Arugula
Arugula has long been used as an aid for sexual arousal, dating as far back as the 1st century. It contains trace minerals and antioxidants that block absorption of environmental contaminants which are believed to negatively impact the libido.

2). Asparagus
The French used to practice a time honored tradition of eating asparagus three times a day just before their wedding night in order to increase their libido, and research has shown there’s a reason why it just might work.
This tasty vegetable contains potassium, which can provide a burst of energy, in addition to cleansing the kidneys and urinary tract. Its aspartic acid content is said to neutralize ammonia in the body, which can lead to a lack of sexual desire as well as fatigue.

3). Avocados
As avocados are rich in heart-healthy fats, they can help keep the heart beating strong, which means the blood is flowing to all the right places. Heart health is essential for a good sex life – men with underlying heart disease are twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

4). Peppers
Peppers are packed with capsaicin, which is known to trigger the release of feel-good endorphins that act like natural painkillers. They also increase the heartbeat along with the flow of blood and oxygen, helping to make things hotter in the sack.

5). Beets
Beets are rich in nitrates, and the bacteria on your tongue helps to convert them to nitrites, which are then converted to nitric oxide in the stomach. ED medications work by increasing nitric oxide levels, which increases blood flow to the penis by dilating blood vessels. Studies have also found that consuming beets can improve endurance levels in athletes – it’s not a far stretch to think they might help improve endurance in the bedroom.
Beets may be one of the best veggies for revving up your sex life, and improving your health.

-The Alternative Daily


This is what I sent to supposing one of them.


Screenshot of one of the so many unknown/uncleared debit mail sent to me by GTB…

Please, answer this questions:
1). Do you think they’ll acknowledge it?
2). If Yes. What do you think that might do it or the Sender?

Now, to be more serious with this, for the sake of myself and fellow Nigerians victims (for which I know if not all, virtually all Nigerians suffer this kind of “legal” fraud from some or most of these organisations/institutions uncleared charges (which I term to be extortions), I think this is not in any way normal, considering the fact that we already derive much more of hardship from our Govt.

* …derive much confusion from the directions our selfish, greedy (or may I borrow the word “Thiefs”), corrupt and clueless people (coz such Rogues should never be revered as Leaders, as for me o…yet they claimed to be.)

* …have much of sufferings for putting us through all of these…

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We can not take it NO MORE! Give us back our rights and stop killing Us the more with your Barbarians tricks. They’re no more found interesting and bearable by us!

Just imagine, our network providers are also there doing Us theirs. For three days now, I’ve not been able to carry out my duties online.
WHY? Just because my network provider (GLO) have decided to add more sands to my sandy Garri that I’m still trying so hard to separate. After they have already charged me…and nor be sey dem go give me extra days of expiration as grace o…yet no any form of notification or apology be it on any media or SMS, that’s not to talk of the way they even charge us for what we never subscribed to in the first place.

I know so many people will condemn this justifiable action of mine not remembering my fundamental human right(s) as a citizen of this great nation (which has almost been made a laughing stock in Africa/world, by some set of people.)
Or I might even be hunted, so let me just help you out…if it’s my neck you want, come and collect *neck stretched out*

Please, only a reasonable and positive-minded people who wants this country to be #better & #great a Nation again should contribute and join this #FightAgainstExtortions of any knid.

These people have given us more than enough proofs and reasons to get these changes made possible, since they have given much more than the chance given to the Iconic and heroic Late Nelson Mandela to make South Africa the way it is today!
They have failed and still directly or indirectly failing us today. So, let’s stand up to get it our selves!

However, I’m still awaiting in anticipation for the response to my mail to them. I shall get you updated though.

#GodBlessNigeria #GodSaveUsAll #GodHelpUs as we #FightFor…#TimeForJustice #TimeForEqualRights #TimeForTrueChange #CozWeWantIt #SoLetsGetItNigeriansHomeAndAbroad #EnoughOfTheSleepingPills


     King Joseph (the Strategist)

#KingJoseph has poured out his patriotic mind…


Every local, juju, or traditional, afro and Fuji Musicians/Artistes are with proves jazz men who are in other words fortified by these traditional power, dine and wine with those in charge as guardians/custodians (priests). You know why? It’s because they love, cherish, adore and respect so much traditions and custom and of cause, don’t tell me that you don’t know that when a man believes so much and respect his tradition, he’ll do everything to protect and gain immensely from it.

Hence, you see King Sunny Ade, Oliver DeCoque (late), Chief Osita Osadebe, Sir Shina Peters, Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Sons, Dr Victor Owaifo, Sir Victor Olaiya, Chief Bright Chinezie, Ednar Okoli, Christy Essien Ibekwe, Christ Okotie, Felix Liberty, Mike Okri, Yinka Ayefele, Chief Aruna Ishola and Son, Chief Ayinde Marshal K1 de Ultimate, King (Alhaji) Saheed Oshupa (Obanla 1), Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Barrister Wasiu Ayinde, Ayinla Omowura, Kayode Fashola, Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti. Onyeka Onwenu, Innocent 2Baba Idibia, Eedris Abdul Kareem etc are those Artistes/Musicians who have made great impacts, laid down legacies, epic Singers, Legends, and icons, famous and wealthier than you can ever imagine all through music.
They were too traditional to be deceived by any particular religion, that has become one of the major reasons for the global crisis and terrorism.

But, have you ever asked why these great people of Nigeria/Africa have been able to make it this far in spite of all odds, government harassment and numerous arrests whenever they pour out their minds in fight against our bad and intransparent system of ruling in our country Nigeria (Giants of Africa).

Despite all these and so many challenges they encounter in Nigeria (as a result of our government negligence towards the music/entertainment industry unlike western countries especially America), they still scale through, they came, they saw, and, they conquered as they never gave up, irrespective of the govt negligence and harassments/illegal arrests.

It is because they were very brave and courageous men, knowing that if a man is courageous enough and fears no man, he’ll be able to always stand on his words knowing they’re truths. If you’re brave and courageous enough, in a nutshell, all men will be same and equal to you and you would always want them to be well treated as such and not with disdains and otherwise.

So, they were using their music/songs to change Nigeria/Africa and the world at large and these bad Leaders (who can still be found in our current government, but thank God at least we still have hope for a very long time in the country on PMB & few of his cabinet members to help restore our lost hope, at least to help clear our doubts that for once we can trust on our Leaders and Govt to making this country a “Giant of Africa” again). Because they know when you truly believe in something, you should gain something and protection from it (even though, some are too scary and of coz too evilish that whatever you think you got from believing and worshipping these great traditions boomerang, some will call them…some say they have gods they worship. Abeg nor be me write this one o…smiles)
They know no man can kill or suffer them permanently, except it is divine. Self beliefs!

These Iconic and Legendary Musicians/Artistes I call Saviours of Nigeria Music Industry. They’re/were Heroes/Heroines of music.

But, I think some of our new generation of Musicians/Artistes are also trying and even harder and which have helped pushed Nigeria Music Industry to second spot in the world.

Thanks to the likes of (randomly)Lagbaja, Innocent 2Baba Idibia, Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, King Saheed Osupa, Psquare, D’banj BangaLee, Sound Sultan, Don Jazzy, Femi Kuti, Seun Kuti, Dagrin, Davido Adeleke (who just got Sony signed mega deal, what a great feat and record-breaking he had made/created), Wizkid Ayo Balogun, Olamide Badoo, M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Eedris Abdulkareem, Ice Prince Zamani, Patoranking Nnaemeka, Phyno, Adekunle Gold, Reekado Banks, Tiwa Savage, Asa, Sean Tizzle, Oritse Femi, G-Mag, Dj KTAM etc.

Today, Nigeria is second in the world after America! Thank God for giving us this feat which is collectively achieved by the aforementioned Artistes/Musicians through good songs/music and not shits like some wack Artistes who also claim to be good artistes and stars sing.

I guess, I have written more than expected to, but I just need few seconds from you to read this simple messages I intend passing through this article, i.e to simply try To sing good music, that’s if you must sing!

With good music, with inspirational and motivational messages the general public and the younger generations especially can still get recognise, respect and still pay anything just to see you on any kind of stage! Let’s try singing:

i). Songs that can change man’s minds poor, and greedy mentalities.

ii). Songs that campaign against bad governance, religion and ethnic crisis/wars.

iii). Songs that give hopes to the hopeless.

iv). Songs that heal!!!

The bitter truth is, we are very tired of songs with negative messages and vulgar languages. Songs I can not even as an entertainment person play where my children are or in the presence of my Pastor or church members, coz I wouldn’t want them to start seeing me as a bad person through the kinda music I listen to.

At a time like this (hope you get what I mean?), all what we should be listening to are music/songs that inspire, motivate and life-changing, with better influences, and not the other way round.

Enough of all these pangolo (noisy music with no sense) shits! With good music, who says you can’t make it big and even very BIG?
2Baba Idibia, with good music till date (plus his other good attitudes that are also of great help…) has made it so very BIG!

Eedris Abdukareem, Oritse Femi, Sound Sultan, Dagrin (late), Sean Tizzle and even Timi Dakolo have all made it very big by singing good music. So, why can’t you make it with good music?

Having said all these, the faults still boil down on the Consumers; and who are the Consumers?
Of cause, we (the Listeners) are!
Because, if we can start supporting them (Uprising Acts) by paying more attention/focus in them, encourage and empower (the Parents, friends, and even the government should play major roles here) them, I believe that if they get all these required supports from the general public, they’ll surely deliver to us what we expect from them, thus reducing the numbers of bad songs around abd thereby changing the. #society for better!

Thank you so much for your time with #KingJoseph
(omo Iya Jossy OlobeOyin)…ohh but pls, I need your help with the title, I didn’t know the suitable one for this write-up.


King Joseph (the Strategist)
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