You Determine What Your Problems Do To You pt II! King Joseph

Do you think you have problems?

My dear, they will not last forever. Your problem will not live forever, but you will! Storms always give way for the sun . winter always thaws into springtime.
Your storm will soon be over, my dear. And your winter will thaw. Your problem will be resolved.
Remember this, every problem has a limited life span, just like every mountain has a peak and every valley has its low point.

Automatically, life has its ups and downs, its peaks and its valleys, no one us up all the time, nor are they down all the time. Problems do end, they do go away. They are all resolved in time. It has happened to me severally and I have gone over them severally as well. Just few days ago, I went through one that i almost lost myself to it, I got myself so worked up, just because I had a little debt to settle back in Lagos while I was on a business assignment in Ibadan (our bus was attacked and we were robbed in the process.) And on getting to ibadan, something I least expected happened again. I was at a crossroad, I was so stranded financially. I could not call anyone, why? My airtime got exhausted before I eventually smuggled myself into Ibadan city (Ring Road to be precise…hmm). Messages weren’t delivering either.

Calls from a recipient I ought to have settled since on Thursday as promised were coming in like seriously with words that I didn’t know what to respond with (and it was almost getting late or it was late already, meaning there was no way I could make it back to Lagos State that day, not even if I was a Sorcerer…my ATM cards also got missing.)

I started calling friends and colleagues to see how they could be of help, but all na ofege (was to no avail). I stripped myself naked (to enable me wash my shirts, and under wears that were as dirty as that of a typical Nigerian mechanic Engineer’s uniform…we call them Mecho) in the hotel room, which I checked in without a dime on me, when it was too late for a stranger like me to roam about the city (since a Client who was supposed to welcome and take me round Ibadan in her Car to carry out some of my tasks there had traveled to another state, unconsciously forgetting I was still going to make it down to Ibadan that fateful day…ojo buruku esu gbomi muu: bad day devil drink water…smiles)

Then, suddenly, it dawned on me that I could get myself mentally and psychologically derailed if I didn’t control myself and try to manage the situations.
So, I went into the bathroom to take a thorough shower and relax my nerves, just then did solutions to the then present problems started coming in and I eventually slept off somehow.
All those problems of mine did not last even 24hrs; just as I told a friend of mine via WhatsApp, that, “…my man, I can’t kill myself at this juncture, because I know by tomorrow, all these shits will end, so why do I have to worry this much…”? I told him I was going to bed and relax my nerves, then come back to Lagos and settle whatever I had to settle, since I already got in contact with those that were supposed to be with me…all thanks to the CEO / Campus Alive Initiative, Mr Oyinwola Don; Gbenga Adeyinka D1st (GCFR), my very good friend Odugbesi Charles Adeleke Jr. & his Fiancée (Lady Blessing…she’s also my sweetheart though…smiles…); Abuja-based friend: Queen Eve (a dear friend who also played a major role that night) and a special thanks goes to Miss Adeaga Bukunmi (the honourable but humble and very kind Owner/CEO @ Kiekie Tv & the Executive Producer of #The90sMeetMillenium @kiekie_tv and the entire Management of Hotel Liberty, Ibadan-Oyo State.

However, I still managed to carry out major tasks successfully that same day (on foot…remember there was nothing left in my pocket as at when I entered Ibadan) without giving room for any excuse whatsoever.

Like I wrote in one of my recent articles on Facebook; “…even the rich also cry… In a nutshell, even if you have climbed Mt. Everest, where do you go from there?

The bottom line is: No man is problems-free. If anyone tells you that there’s a problem free life, my dear, that is an illusion – a farce – a lie – a mirage in the desert. It is a deceptive perception. It can mislead, and distract you – if you believe it.

In other words, to pursue a problem-free life is to run after an elusive fantasy; it is a waste of mental and physical energy.

Even our dear Jesus Christ faced series of problems, but what happened?
Did He ever try to avoid or run away from them? Of cause, NO! Rather, He faced them all squarely and conquered them all.

What I think we should be doing whenever we are faced with any problem is looking deep into it and see how or what we can benefit from it, because the truth is that, every problem holds positive possibilities.
Proverbs 25:2 says: “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing.

A world renowned Author also wrote in one of his bestselling books that; & every problems contain secret ingredients of some creative potentials either for yourself or someone else. Wow! What an Eye-opening philosophy!
Meaning there are two sides to every coin.

You know, I never planned to sleep over in Ibadan because I had lots of other appointments to meet up with in Lagos, but the trip was also as important as other appointments. It was a call to responsibilities by the kind of people I can’t ever turn down for any reason.
But, something miraculous happened to me and my career, the next day of my stay in Ibadan (on Saturday 23rd of April, 2016), while I was about to leave the hotel’s pedestrians gate, which convincingly proved to me that, every disappointment is always a blessing in disguise!

You care to know what happened to me (while I was about to leave Ibadan for Lagos,what God actually did or may I say, added to my career?
Keep up with me…part III of this article coming up soon.

Thank y’all for taking out time to read this piece of mine, but remember in everything you do, if you haven’t touched a life positively, then you haven’t fulfilled anything positively, for that’s man’s major purpose on earth.

Author: KING JOSEPH (The Strategist)

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