6IX DEGREES ENTERTAINMENT is without gain-saying a very big name in the Nigeria Music Industry today (either you take it or not) which started out in 2010 and officially registered under CAC (Cooperate Affairs Commission) on the 17th of June, 2011 with Acts like: Skiibii, Durela, Wande Coal (now Black Diamond) VernomC, Mr Val (now Valtino signed to Big Dreams Entertainment) etc back then.

6ix Degrees is situated in Ebute-Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria and Australia.


1). To play major role in productivity, through the use of sophisticated and well-equiped hi-tech; in the music industry.
2). To produce the best and satisfied goods (Artistes) and services (production, recording, mixing and mastering of songs…publicity, promotions etc) for effective use of our clients.

1). To raise financial resources to support charity and the less-privilege ones…i.e giving back to the society.
2). To put up a very good organisational structure to further enhance our chances of coming to stay in the industry for a very long time, with better differences (contributions).
3). To keep our recording/production studio up to date with new and advanced high-tech equipment to be able to be more relevant and to keep rendering better services to all our Clients.
4). To make studio recording/production easier and with lesser budget for Up and rising Artistes(in our agreement of support to our noble Partner’s (www.fb.com/LlcoolJEntertainmentWorld) vision of helping the less-privileges; even with the aid of our professionally dope Producer: @officialHanzy.
5). To be able to build up a global award-winning Artistes under the tutelage of the Label, with the professional and strategic management and publicity/marketing know-how of our Official Manager/Publicity Strategist i.e King Joseph Management (@KingJoseph_1& http://www.fb.com/SuccessMEDIAAfrica

Success MEDIA, Africa’s logo
Twitter: @Strategist_KJ

i). To have a great market standing, even in the capital market
ii). To maximize wealth for its business owners (including the stakeholders/shareholders etc) @ the end of the day.

(1). DON WEEZZY – @Don_Weezzy1 (Founder/CEO/Owner), Nigeria
(2). SHIRLEY MACIL. (Co-owner/Shareholder) Australia
(3). KING JOSEPH (Owner/CEO @ King Joseph Management)  – Official Manager
4). Success MEDIA, Africa (Chief Publicity Strategist).
5). HANZY LEWIZ @officialhanzy (In-house Producer/Sound Engineer)
6). KSTAR BEATS @Kstarbeats (Official Producer II)
7). LANRE FORWARD/ ALLISER (Official Cinematographers/Video Directors).

Dj KTAM –  @Djktam
Hanzy – @officialhanzy
Vernom C – @tz_vernomc

Guitarist – Kenny G
Basist – Don Weezzy
Pianist – Don Weezzy
Saxophonist/Trumpeter – Saxipet

For More Info: Ff KING JOSEPH MANAGEMENT on Twitter @KingJoseph_1

Chief Publicist: Success Media, Africa: @Strategist_KJ
Hotlines: +2349035953205 / +2348025803114
llcooljentworld@gmail.com (Mgt)

NOTE: More Investors/Stakeholders still highly and urgently needed for better performances.


Tested: Best Self-Publishing Music Distribution Services Tested – KING JOSEPH

This article was taken from the May 2013 issue of Wired magazine. Be the first to read Wired’s articles in print before they’re posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online.

No record deal? Then, you are to make it work yourself with us (Success MEDIA, Africa @Strategist_KJ / King Joseph Management @KingJoseph_1 ). Let’s help you with digital distribution deal …

What is digital music distribution?
Digital sales make up 31 percent of the $16.6 billion (£10bn) global recorded-music market. But forget record labels; you need a distributor to build relationships with retailers such as iTunes or streaming services such as Spotify. The artists here have benefitted hugely from digital distribution.

Ingrid MichaelsonA CD Baby user, her music featured on Grey’s Anatomy after a producer on the show heard it

CD Baby
Since launching in 1998, this US company has paid more than $200 million (£129m) to artists. $50.55 to upload an album is reasonable, but the ambitious might chafe at the nine per cent commission on digital sales. Sales reports are downloaded as a spreadsheet, which can be unwieldy, but elsewhere the system is solid. Advice is abundant and it will sell CD and vinyl on your behalf for a simple $4 (£2.60) per unit.

Ditto Music:
Despite contradictory information, clunky design and broken links, this is a powerful service. More than a dozen bolt-on options are available,  but they are expensive. However, you can choose which shops your music will reach and this is the only service on test with a dedicated UK office. 

Alexa Goddard
Via Ditto Music, “Turn my Swag on” was in the UK singles charts and has sold 100,000 copies.

Sly and RobbieThe Grammy-winning, legendary reggae stars distribute their new material through Mondo.
Mondo Tunes

For $8.99 (£5.15), Mondo Tunes claims to send your songs to more than 750 digital stores worldwide, using the same channel as high profile mega-artists such as Lady Gaga. It’s the cheapest option on test, but the user guide is baffling and statistics are only released in quarterly reports.

Tiffany AlvordThis unsigned 19-year-old uses Reverb Nation to release music. She also has 1.2m YouTube fans.
Reverb Nation

For $21.95 per month you get two free album releases per year and access to promo tools (although similar plugins are free elsewhere). The monthly fee seems high, but the detailed stats add value.

Carla MorrisonIn 2012 this Tunecore artist won a Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Album.


Solid but expensive – after the first year, costs rise from $34.99 to $54.99 per album – Tunecore links to stores including iTunes and to Spotify. Useful weekly trend-reports with fan locations help with tour planning.

Key Tools For Aaspiring Musicians:

Stores your music for simple sharing, and has an ecosystem of promotional apps.

Sentric Music
Collects royalties from live gigs and radio and arranges TV placement for you.

Next Big Sound
Social music stats. Perfect for tracking artists on your own local music scene.

Sell merchandise from your own store; an option lets fans pay what they want.

Often the first port of call for new-music junkies, so keep your channel updated.

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For Success MEDIA, Africa /King Joseph Management
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Hotlines: +2349035953205 / +2348025803114


Our courts today are clogged with thousands of people demanding redress and payment for something that went wrong in their lives. Backed up by ambitious plaintiff lawyers, people go to court demanding compensations, even if they themselves are completely at fault for what happened —especially if they are @ fault.
The simple truth here is that people don’t want to accept RESPONSIBILITIES. Some spill hot coffee on themselves and want to sue the fast food restaurant that sold them the coffee in the first place…hmmm…What a world we live in!

KING JOSEPH (the Strategist)

SAXIPET Shines Again In “Arewa”! – KING JOSEPH

After the huge successes and the massive acceptance of”Igbeyawo,” “Da Yan Mo,” ” Melo Melo,” and “Laye” sax covers.

Saxipet has decided not to relent in his quest and promise to always dish out the best to his much increasing ‘Fans’. This time around, he’s proveen is versatility by going vocal as he unleashed the most anticipated track of the decade “AREWA”.
This hit (‘arewa’) sheds more light on the beauty of a woman with a magnifying tune to make your legs and whole body busy
with your mouth of cause doing the singing.
Download, and enjoy via the below link:


Bookings/Enq: +2347055642905, +234903595(205

Twitter. @Saxipet01

Facebook: Saxipet

IG: @Saxipet.

By: KING JOSEPH (the Strategist)
Twitter: @Strategist_KJ

Protected: Man Who Trekked For Buhari Hangs Himself Over Buhari’s Incessant Failures – KING JOSEPH

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All-Female Flight Crew a First for Ethiopia Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines Pilot Amsale Gualu and First Officer Selam Tesfaye
Ethiopian Airlines Pilot Amsale Gualu and First
ADDIS ABABA — Ethiopian Airlines is dispatching its first-ever flight operated by an all-female crew. The
flight was scheduled to depart for Bangkok, Thailand, Wednesday night. The airline says it wants to promote women’s empowerment and encourage more African girls to pursue aviation careers.
Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde Gebremariam said attracting more women to aviation jobs is one of the
reasons for hosting the female flight, together with empowering women.
“It’s going to be very inspiring for all the women allover the world, aviation women and particularly the African woman. Because, as you know, here in
the continent of Africa, we are lagging behind in women empowerment. So this is going to inspire all the school girls in Africa that they have a very
bright future in the 21st century,” Gebremariam said.
The flight is being handled by women in every aspect – from planning, to aircraft maintenance, and from the pilots to air traffic controllers. Even
upon arrival in Bangkok, all customs and immigration officers will be female. Ethiopian Airlines says about one third of its employees are women. But the number is smaller when it comes to positions such as pilots and
technicians. Ethiopian Airlines female crew members.
Twenty-two-year-old Haymanot Endale is a cabin maintenance technician and has been working at
Ethiopian Airlines for two years. She said even though there are many girls working as flight attendants, as a technician she mostly works with men.
“I think that outside of the Ethiopian Airlines, girls think that the work is very difficult, so they did enter [come work for] this company. But we enter
and we see that it is very easy,” Endale said.
Many Ethiopian women known for their success in business and politics attended the event, including
Ethiopia’s first lady Roman Tesfaye.
Ethiopian Airlines is Africa’s most profitable airline.


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What the heck is this? Biko, is this a male or a female? (photos)

Posted by: King Joseph (the Strategist)

You will find three photos of this individual after the cut…tell us if you thinks this person is male or female. Some of you might find the photos disturbing though..

ff @Strategist_KJ