South-West Most Popular Comedian Dr Smile Turns Professional Actor.

It is no more news to all comedy lovers, in Nigeria, especially in the South-western part of the country, that, Dr Smile has gained the heart of many with his humility, and unusual way of cracking ribs, which can make even the world’s richest man unconsciously roll on the floor, thereby making him the most popular and lovable Comedian in the region.

Hardly would you come across any major event online this days, without his presence on the artwork.

However, to further penetrate his fans more and take his already blossoming career to the next level, Dr Smile has decided to add acting to his professional list, with his new role in a new movie titled “Owo Mi” (my money) produced by Mr Latin and directed by Odunlade Adekola.

In an interview with SMA’s Founder, King Joseph this morning, one of the most humble Comedian of our time also confirmed this. In his some of his own words:

“Acting has always been one of my long-discovered potentials, but, because there has been no enough time to go into it and because I don’t want to go into it to play a gate man role, moreover, I want to be recognized as a brand and not as Waka pass.”

When asked if he now has the time to take it as a profession or just want to do it for fun, here is his simple but straight response:

“I am going into it full time now, to show the world the other side of me, it is time to show the world my acting skill.”

If you still doubt this, then confirm from his post, with photo of him and Odunlade Adekola on set, via his instagram post below:

From @drsmilecomedian: The other side of Drsmile. On set with @odunomoadekola @mondayabiose thanks @mrlatin1510 for this.

See more of his photos below:


I Am Ready to Expose Rapper Olamide and his Ritualist- Kemi Olunloyo

The self acclaimed queen of media in Nigeria Kemi Omololu Olunloyo is at it again. This time, indigenous rapper, Olamide is the target of the Ms Olunloyo.

In an Instagram post shared earlier this morning on her page, the controversial critic who is known for attacking celebrities has vowed to expose Olamide’s occult ways. According to HNN as she loves to call herself, she has a conversation between the rapper and his supposed ‘ritualist’ in her possession.

She added that the conversation reveals the ugly side of Olamide that Nigerians are not aware of. She also gave an insight into the details of the said conversation saying that the ritualist and Olamide were at loggerheads arguing over unpaid funds.

Without doubts, Nigerians are holding their breadth and watching her space for the release of the said conversation.

Source: Goldmyn

King Joseph

EXCLUSIVE: ATM Undergo Surgery.

ATM after surgery

Taiwo Azeez Ogungbe, popularly known as ATM (Confam Originator + Jubadi Master) in the Nigerian Music Industry, was on Monday morning 7th November, 2016 operated upon, for an acute appendix.

According to the fast-rising Artiste; “I was feeling some pains again while going out for an official meeting, and so I decided to come for a medical checkup again at the hospital (name withheld), only to be diagnosed for an acute appendix and advised to go for an immediate operation.” he told Success MEDIA Africa’s CEO, King Joseph, who’s also his closest (childhood) friend, and his former Career/Personal Manager (2012-2015), last night (Sunday) at around 10:08pm upon honoring his distress call to come meet him at the well-known hospital (name withhold) in Ikorodu, around Lagos State Polytechnic.

SMA reliably gathered that, ATM, on the 6th November (Sunday) attended Sunday service with his Crew and King Joseph without any health complaint whatsoever.

Although, it is no more news to the Insiders that, Mr Taiwo Ogungbe has been complaining of some minor health issues for some while and has also gone through series of medical test and treatment recently, before he was eventually diagnosed of the later.

“The faster the operation/treatment, the better for the patient, because, it has already been inflamed…” Doctor Matthew told SMA.

However, to the glory of God, the operation was successfully carried out this morning dated 7/11/2016 between 6:39am and 7:42am, and presently, he is resting.

ATM (@_iamatm on Instagram), who till late last year was Sean Tizzle’s label (Difference Entertainment) mate is widely known and loved for his lyrical uniqueness, with strong positive messages, which stands him out. He was recently featured in a hit single titled: “Adura (prayer)” by #Dhino to which video has been released as well. And also working on new projects and dropping couple of videos to his hit singles soon.

Please, to all his fans out there, we can only wish this talented musical Artiste a very quick recovery and better health henceforth, as this is one unique Talent that must be heard worldwide to complement the growing industry of ours.

See more of his photos below:

King Joseph x ATM…after operation

IYANYA, THE JINX BREAKER (the history-maker)! – King Joseph

Language Used: SEL (for all).

Mbuk, mbog anii e ukpeb ifiog a do?

I swear down, as far as I am concerned, you have just proven to to many why you remain successfully relevant till date – wisdom!

You are a true son from the South-south, brother.

Y’helloooo!!! Did I hear you asking what or how his former Manager would feel about his new moves “giant strides”?

Now, let’s look at it from these angles:
(i). Iyanya is one independent individual with soul right to self-decision.
(ii). Triple MG is a running company on its own.
(iii). The other Party is one business man as well as the current talk of the town.
(iv). According to one of my favorite #KJQuotes:
a. “If a man must keep growing and excelling, he must change his perspectives, he must try new things, spread his tentacles, learn more and be willing to swallow his pride, summon his courage and take a bold step forward.” – …learn more…from who? The Experts!

In other words, #SMD is the Expert in the game, no argument, they’re the best label around. No story –  agreed!

Away from that, because I’m not trying to cause any debate here, but still, it’s allowed. One other thing I have recently learned is that we all are Oliver Twists, let’s leave pretense…we always want more in life!

Ubi Franklin, with all humility and honesty, is one of the great Artistes Managers I respect so much, I follow him on all social media, except SNAP CHAT (if he’s there – a mystery I am not willing to uncover…)
(i) . He is a role model to many Uprising/Fast rising Managers, including myself. 
(ii). He is responsible a man, with self-control (this I know of him well).
(iii). His successes and achievements so far, speak volumes for his personality and status in the industry.
(iv). His footprints are there for all to see and will remain as long as he wants.
(v). He’s bagged so many #awards too – and just recently, one of his renowned hits-making Acts bagged “The Best Breakthrough Artiste Of The Year, 2016” at the just concluded #MTVMAMAs, after dishing out series of back-to-back hits by the #Pana Crooner. An award excellently deserved, agreed!
(vi). With Ubi, Iyanya was no doubt still doing great things with good songs. They’ve both achieved a lot together, won awards and lots more.

However, my point is; IYANYA MBUK realized that, he WANTS MORE! We all want more in life, as said earlier.
“When a man thinks he’s succeeded enough, I tell you what, he knows nothing about ‘DREAMING & AIMING BIG’ yet enough.” – King Joseph

“You want to fly higher?
Spread your wings wider.” – King Joseph 

Therefore, I believe that, Iyanya has taken the right decision by changing his management for “The Temple Company” and just in hours, penned a history-making recording deal with the Supreme Mavins Dynasty #SMD #TheMavins (on his birthday). Rather than feeling bad, the other party should congratulate his former Artiste (brother) for a new height and wishes him well.

This is a jinx-broken move in our music industry and this history-making deal between Iyanya and oga Don Jazzy’s Mavins Records – leaving his own label #TripleMG for another, even as an A-list Artiste, I must say is one of the boldest and wisest step (by any Artiste in Nigeria/Africa) and needs to be widely commended by many Nigeria Music lovers,  across the world, including the media. Let’s make it go viral – let’s BREAK the INTERNET with this our own. Nor be only when e involve an external music company na hin we go hail am – let’s laud this too. This is our own…tiwa n tiwa!

We know lots of Artistes in his category (both in the past and now) & even below, who might have had similar thoughts – but that cowardice thoughts of the fans and media reactions to such move force them to change their minds – and, I must say that the bulk of these Acts had fallen like rotten Mangoes…no where to be found/heard anymore. They have all be useless like pali kondom…pride!

Some Artistes would have thoughts of floating their own label or since they already own one (recognized) there’s no need to sign under any other, even when they know that they are not getting desired result running it…agidi, nsong iwuod – stubbornness I mean!
Hey! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in Artistes going independent, but what’s wrong is when you try such step, upon realizing, you’re not yet in that capacity – we know them.

IYANYA, THE PACE SETTER! Fly on, brother.

We can only pray to God for the deal between Iyanya, Don Jazzy, and The Temple Company yield something extraordinary better by His grace. Peace also be unto the Mavins family generally.

#Iyanya #SMD #Mavins #Up2Something #SMA


Remain blessed as you took out time to read this!

Funke Akindele and Eniola Badmus Finally Settle Beef

Despite the fact that popular Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele and her lovely colleague, Eniola Badmus have featured together in various movies; one cannot really say why the two are having issues.

There was almost a confirmation to the looming media speculation when Eniola did not wish Funke happy birthday on the social media when she turned a year older on August or a congratulatory message when she got married to JJC. Also, there was no birthday wishes from Funke when Eniola truned 33, back in September.

Surprisingly, Eniola recently took to her social media platform and made Funke akindele her ##womancrushwednesday as she wrote “ My #wcw goes to my dear friend, sister and colleague, whose impact in the movie industry is worth celebrating, I also celebrate her dedication, perseverance and acting prowess, keep making indelible marks in Nollywood…….I call her LAFUNKY @funkejenifaakindele

It looks like the two movie stars have finally settled whatever rift was between them as their fans anticipate more movies from the comic duo…

How NDLEA Put a Long Pipe in Baba Suwe’s Anus During Drug Scandal Investigation – Actor Speaks Out

Babasuwe is currently very sick with a claim by another theater practitioner linking his health status to his ordeal in the hands of security operatives five years ago.

Nollywood comic actor, Babatunde Omidina, popularly known as Baba Suwe is currently going through a tough health situation, according to Yomi Fabiyi, a thriving Yoruba actor.
Putting out a public statement, Yomi claims Baba Suwe’s health deterioration is as a result of the seasoned actor’s torture at the hands of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) who detained him on suspicion of carrying hard drugs in 2011.
In his words:

“The torture done on him by NDLEA is vastly damaging his health at an alarming rate. He told me he no longer feel comfortable since that episode. Baba Suwe is a widower, he can hardly walk properly as I speak, let alone go to film. How will he feed and take care of the children aunty Moladun left behind?’ Yomi shared. ‘He told me when I visited him that he is innocent of the accusations and yet a LONG PIPE was inserted through his anus, he was detained for too long amongst other things just because he was randomly suspected like every normal person.”

“The court asked NDLEA to pay him 25million for damages which is yet to be obeyed but to me an OPEN APOLOGY will placate him and illustrate some dignified and civil approach from a government agency that made him go through all that without coming up with a single proof after that prolonged detention and drama. He who assert MUST prove! NDLEA needs to restore public confidence by doing the needful on this matter.”

“And until individuals and government agency begin to respect fundamental HUMAN RIGHT and enhance duty of care, the essence of Nigeria’s FREEDOM is far from been realistic. No malice is intended against NDLEA with this outcry, I just hope the leadership see this as a clarion call for getting it right and save the agency from sending an innocent person to an early grave whereby leaving his children to suffer unjustly.”

In 2011, he was alleged of cocaine trafficking by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, an allegation that was described as false and defamatory by the ruling of the Lagos High Court of Law.

Ghanain Actress, Jackie Appiah Finally Weds Van Vicker

Ghana’s screen diva, Jackie Appiah is no doubtly one of the hottest and beautiful actresses Ghanaians are proud of, and every single man will be proud to walk down the aisle with.

The award-winning actress who is currently divorced, has set her social media fans showing much love and admiration when she shared her new wedding picture onto her Instagram page.

Looking more beautiful and gorgeous in her long wedding gown, the star actress, shared the wedding picture of the behind the scenes of an upcoming movie dubbed “Stalemate” which is being directed by Pascal Amanfo and produced by Abdul Salam.

The upcoming movie “Stalemate” has Van Vicker and Jackie as the lead characters in the movie.

The picture however has received over ten thousand likes so far.